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I am Clairsentient, Empathic, and a practicing Master of Social Work. I believe we all hold the key to our own healing. Whether you are struggling with trauma, heartbreak, rejection, or self-doubt, let me help you navigate.
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Having inherited my gifts as a young child from my great-grandmother who inherited them from her great-grandmother, I have been a sensitive empath and intuitive for all my life. I became a master social worker in order to use my gifts working with survivors of trauma, abuse, and grief of all kinds, whether over the loss of a loved one, the end of a relationship, broken family relations, infidelity/heartbreak, or survivors remorse.

I am in private practice, and I have taken my gifts to Keen in order to reach more people. My rates are low because I do this as a servant (my gift is free but this platform is not). I am not always available because I respect my gifts and understand when they have been depleted, whether from the day, the moment, or life's natural circumstances. I respect my advisees and am committed to being fully present and functional whenever I am available. Allow me to help you find the healing you seek and you won't be disappointed.
Approach to Topics
I am an empath and clairsentient with strong intuitive gifts, trained as a Master of Social Work. I am able to recognize negative energy in areas of your life that need healing. You will choose to contact me because you are either in the Contemplation or Preparation Stage in the Stages of Change, which means you are thinking of or ready to take the necessary steps towards your healing and inner peace. I can help lead you into the Action Stage, which is when you would be actively working to address the hurt and remove the people/things in your life that are causing you pain. My guidance is honest, respectful, and thoughtful. I will guide you to live the most positive life filled with joy and inner peace.
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