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Mystic Eye Jessica
Mystic Eye Jessica
World Renown Psychic Medium Jessica
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Finally an honest spiritual sensitive who enlightens others whom cross her path. I keep the truth bold and simple to allow balance and positive vibes flow through your life.
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Welcome! I am Mystic Eye Jessica, and I specialize in medium readings and psychic readings I love being a psychic medium and helping people every day. To me, there’s nothing better than connecting with you and sharing guidance from your spirit guides for assistance when you have specific questions about your path in life.

I am here for the comfort and long talks. You need someone to speak the mental and emotional pain too without feeling judged or rushed. You want someone to tell you everything for once without having to turn purple trying to get your point across, I get it. I relate to you on a personal level. I make you feel more than welcome and I am very reassuring as to why these changes need to happen in your life rather than letting you face it all alone and unexpectedly. Life is hard, speaking to a psychic should not have to be!

Learn to interact and love those close to you. Start to live life do not just exist. Get out in the world, make memories , try new things. Life is not about what happens to us but more about how we react. If you dwell in 1 certain life matter then expect the rest to crumble around you next..... When life is trying to keep you down , I am here to keep pushing you forward and higher. Be the best you can be. 1 session will reduce stress guaranteed, seeing is believing :)
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What happens when we cross over and why can’t a medium guarantee that spirits will come through in a reading?
"Because when we cross to the other side and become spirit two things can happen:

We can become very confused and disoriented at first because while alive we had a preconceived idea of heaven since society molds us from early on to believe that when we cross over we either go to heaven or hell but in reality there is no such!.

Heaven or hell is on earth only! As human, we're given choices and free will, so, depending on the choices that we make we either going to experience heaven or hell! While most of us carry an emotional unresolved baggage/business from childhood (ie. parents get divorced, emotional or physical abuse, addiction, abandonment, etc...) into adulthood we have two choices we can either become bitter or let the emotional baggage/unfinished business go Or we can chose to forgive, love unconditionally and be generous. That's in a nut shell heaven or hell on earth.

We can experience grief the same way as our loved ones who are left behind because when we cross over and become spirit we no longer have a body BUT we take our emotions, personality and learned behavior with us so spirit can experience: grief or be in denial of no longer be alive with a body and accept to be a spirit.

So what's next?

When we cross over. we're welcomed by spirit gatekeepers who are responsible to guide us (it's a like a welcome committee and a reception center). Their responsibility if to help new comers to accept that they are dead and to help them transition with the idea of becoming spirit. Gatekeepers are also responsible to assess our transition and only once we have accepted to we no longer alive and "back home" as spirit this is when we're finally allowed to come through to our loved ones through mediums but also know that spirits have a choice to come through to their loved ones or not too.

Psychic attachments are real and the effects can be devastating to the victim. Negative vibrations can be as harmful as bacteria, germs and viruses. There are time honored methods of fighting these insidious and pernicious agents of distress. These techniques are described in my readings and they can be applied by you. No special training or supernatural powers are needed to successfully employ these remedies. All the procedures described in my readings are safe and effective, following the instructions without the slightest deviation. The cleansings provided are intended as "over-the-counter" prescriptions to be used by anyone being victimized by these agents of chaos.
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