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Shamanic Spiritual Counseling
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Shamanic Spiritual Counseling Offers Egyptian Hekas, Mantras, Affirmations, Numerology, Pendulum, Crystals, Candle Magick, Chakra Cleansing Which Illuminates Abundance, Love, Joy, Radiance, And Reconciliation!
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👸🏾I AM Sequoia Raye "The Radiant" African Shaman Prêtresse, Licensed Metaphysical Practitioner And Minister, Thy Alma Mater is International Metaphysical Ministry, University Of Sedona. I have over 15 years experience as a Spiritual Advisor, assisting and advising Thy brethren to achieve their Highest Good, in this lifetime. I AM educated in Herbal Magick, Metaphysics, Spiritual Mind Treatment, Early Childhood Education, and Spiritual Psychology.🐞

💘 I AM Straightforward When Assessing Any Situation, That Is Brought Before Thee. I Have Learned There Are Many Solutions In The Universe, One Must Ask, Then Tune In To Receive Divine Guidance. Goddess And The Spiritual Realm, Are Always Awaiting To Assist Us, With Many Of Life’s Questions And Lessons.

I Have Learned To Be A Conscious Creator, I Innerstand How To Consciously Shape Thy Reality With Hekas, Mantras, Affirmations, Prayers, Candle Magick, Crystals, Etc. I Interpret Dreams, Omens, And Synchronicities To Ensure I AM In Alignment With Spirit.

"Conscious Is The Only Reality." -Neville Goddard

“Those Who Have Great Faith, Have Great Power.” -Ernest Holmes

“By Definition Prayer Is Consciously Hanging Out With God. Being With God In A Deliberate Way.” -Malcolm Boyd

I AM Sekhmet, Sequoia, Lady Of Keen Insight, Victorious One In Battles!
Approach to Topics
🍀Shamanic Spiritual Counseling

🌻Greetings Divine Beings Of Gaia, Welcome To Sekhmet’s Sanctuary, “A Sacred Space To Innerstand Your Divinity”

💐Shamanic Spiritual Counseling Offers Egyptian 🎶Hekas, Mantras, Affirmations, 7️⃣Numerology, Angel Numbers, Pendulum, 💎Crystals, Candle Magick, 🧬Chakra Cleansing Which Illuminates Abundance, 💗Love, Joy, Radiance, And Reconciliation!

🏺Egyptian Hekas/Mantras “Magic And Medicine Through Sound Therapy”

🗣Affirmations To Anoint The Consciousness To Manifest The Desired End!

📿Pendulum Yes Or No Questions.

👁Numerology Offers Insight Into The Numbers That Permeate Your Soul Force And Life Journey.

🎂Life Path Number(s) Explores Your Birthday.

🆕Destiny Or Expression Number(s) Evaluates Your Birth Name.

🌌Inner Dreams Or Personality Number(s) Emanates Eternal Energies From The Consonants within Your Name.

🕊Soul Urge Or Heart Desire Number(s) Emits Eloquent Energy From Vowels Find Within Your Name.

👼🏾If A Master Number Appears Within Your Life Path, Destiny, Soul Urge Or Inner Dream Number(s) This Will Be Acknowledge By The Ascended Masters, And Discussed From Their Perspective.

🔞 Legal Disclaimer: You must be at least 18 years old to purchase this service. This service is being offered exclusively for entertainment purposes. Information provided by this service is not to be substituted for professional, legal and or medical advice. All sales are final.

🔮Psychic Predictions: Sequoia Brown, does not specialize in Predictions. I offer future outcomes as possibilities, which assist Thy clients with how to properly navigate those potentialities. The important factor for this decision is, I honor your Free Will and any relations you bring before Thee. Nor do I engage in Health Readings! Thank You, OM!
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