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Your Love Star - Mother Of The Milky Way
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Your Love Star - Mother Of The Milky Way
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Hello, my name is Shoushan. (pronounced: shoe - shawn ).
I am an open channeler. At the age of 15, I had a divine and inspirational awakening from God. In a dream, God threw a silver plate into the crowd I was in, and I caught it. He blessed me and told me to pass the gift of love to the world.

All of my life, I have been making predictions. The power of love ignites through me to lift the spiritual awareness in all of us. My father, was a Christian Armenian Orthodox Priest. He founded a treatment center for the poor. I have inherited his capacity to lift the spirits with divine inspiration and love. My mother was a Missionary in the community, she gave charity to people in need. I have been exposed to spirituality all my life. I am also an Artist like my father was.
I speak 6 languages, English, Spanish, Armenian, Arabic, French, and Italian. I have done readings all my life. I have always been interested in the supernatural. I amazed people with my Turkish coffee readings in Egypt. I have done readings in Canada. In the United States the Cartouche Cards were the first deck I discovered, from which I decided to invent my own 69 card deck. I created the Nefertiti Psychic Card Deck, which is my tool to read accurately. I took the symbols from Ancient Egyptian Art from the past, and designated meanings on each symbol applying to present times to predict the future. The Nefertiti is my own magical tool which guides me toward the future. It is also available to the public.

"You have the power to create your life experiences." ~ Shoushan

"Don't throw diamonds in front of pigs." ~ Shoushan
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