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Sin City Witch
Help with Soulmates, Love, Luck, Finance, Career, Protection and custom requests. Make a 3 minute psychic reading call and have a petition & candle lit on your behalf on the working altar of the Sin City Witch.
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Destiny/Life Path
Skills & Methods
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Aura Cleansing
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Marissa is a lifetime student of the esoteric arts and is a witch with extensive metaphysical knowledge who provides psychic readings, astrology readings, dream interpretation, tarot readings, Magick advice and life coaching. She is also firm believer in karma and all that represents and chooses her path with care based on these principles. As a solitary of the craft she has had the opportunity to fine tune her spirituality based on an eclectic variety of ancient practices and prides herself in acceptance of all beliefs even those that differ from her own. Her accumulated knowledge is vast and diverse and touches on many Magickal systems. She truly feels you need to find what works best for you and develop your Magick based on knowledge, respect and personal preference.
Approach to Topics
How this works ! Marissa will use all the gifts and Magickal tools at her disposal to conduct a psychic reading and then help by creating a Magickal working that will help you facilitate a change in your life . You will have a candle and petition lit in your name and placed on the working altar of the Sin City Witch . The Phone call will be a brief reading to gather the information needed for the ritual as well as a brief reading on the situation & work that will be done on your behalf. You will also receive a keen mail with a detailed description of what was done for you and a detailed description what you should do at home to keep the energy you want to manifest strong and creating the desired intent. You will be helped with a ritual for Soulmates, Love, Luck, Finance, Career, Protection and custom requests. anything you can think of. Honesty will yield the best results.
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