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I'm Jared. My messages may not always be what you want to hear but reveal truths of what you need to know now in any situation. I tell it exactly how it is. My commitment is to provide you with the truth, even when it hurts.
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As an intuitive psychic and certified, professional mindset coach, Jared is well known among his clients for having incredibly high levels of E.Q. (emotional intelligence), along with a certain peculiar knack for understanding the inner workings and oftentimes overlooked, hidden crevices contained deep within the human psyche.

His extensive knowledge comes from intensively studying C.B.T. (Cognitive Behavioral Therapy) and Positive Psychology, as well as combining empathetic sensitivity, paired with astounding psychic abilities. This allows Jared to specialize in offering advice in Love and Relationships, Career and Life Path Guidance, in true unique forms and in ways nobody else is doing today.

Jared's psychic intuition swiftly cuts deep to the core of whatever the subjects or person(s) are in question, in definitive ways that leave no stones unturned. He is ultra-precise and explicitly detailed. Everything you need to know will be revealed to discover every situations true meaning.

In speaking with Jared, you are guaranteed to sense his dedication and commitment to allowing you to not just merely feel heard, but also seen, and ultimately grounded in support while he guides you spiritually in the directions that will fulfill all your most deep-seated and heartfelt desires. But more importantly direct you towards a future that’s greatly overflowing with joy, passion and abundance. A reality that’s filled to the brim with long lasting love and happiness. All simply by the way he compassionately orchestrates his gifts.
Approach to Topics

JARED CANNOT GIVE YOU A HIGH QUALITY READING IN 2-3 MINUTES... Jared does not operate as a simple ‘YES or NO’ psychic. He specializes in offering sessions full of mind-blowing detail designed to clearly explain all the deepest inner workings and underlying complexities occurring within each dynamic, situation, and even your point of interest’s internal psyche.

And he politely requests that those with only 2-3 minutes to spare, would please consider seeking their psychic guidance elsewhere.

Everything happening in your life today is inexplicably linked to what occurs tomorrow. For this reason, Jared’s sessions work best when used like a guidebook, each chat transcript to be frequently read over, again and again. This is because what he predicts oftentimes becomes more strikingly transparent as time passes on, as he usually foretells the future course of your current life’s trajectory, but from an overall perceptual oversight of the next upcoming 3 - 6 + months.

For readings to be truly impactful and contain within them many long withstanding positively life-shifting benefits, Jared recommends you plan for a minimum time investment of 7 minutes. Although he compassionately empathizes with any stressors related to financial burdens, he also takes the quality of the work he’s doing here on Keen very seriously.


So if you are contacting him in hopes he will just spin some fairy-tale to help make you feel better, then Jared politely requests that you please seek psychic guidance elsewhere.

Jared mentions this important point, as recently there’s been a new phenomena where a select few Keen users chose to leave Jared negative feedback, simply because the truth he revealed regarding their situation wasn't what they hoped for or wanted to hear.

Since it happens so few and far between, negative feedback of this degree tends to stick out like a sore thumb on his profile, but let it be all the evidence you need that Jared will indeed tell you the truth, even if it hurts.

That said, Jared deeply understands how connections ending between two people can be an incredibly painful tough fact of life, but fortunately for you the cases of these occurrences, he considers one of his greatest assets as a psychic in being able to perceive the necessary required next steps clients can take in order to healthily move forward from the past and emotionally heal themselves. Even more importantly, how they can begin preparing themselves to welcome in a new love opportunity, and create an exciting new chapter in their lives.

Jared’s greatest wish for Keen users is for them to live out their highest and best potential, and not live in a lie. This is why he considers telling people only what they want to hear as doing both you, himself and all of humanity a great disservice.


Life isn’t about quick fixes or temporary 'highs' of motivation. In working with Jared, you will instead acquire the long-term gains and the permanent solutions you need in order to create a new, more stable, secure and better aligned future, not only for yourself, but also for those of whom you deeply love and deeply care for.


**Jared is NOT legally authorized to predict anything related to pregnancies, the lottery winnings or offer any sort of medical, financial or legal advice. Please read Keen’s Terms and Conditions.

Predicting timeframes is NOT Jared’s specialty. These are purely estimations based on an infinite amount of interrelated factors, including, but not exclusive to, the free will and the decisions and choices of others involved. It’s not uncommon for these frames to consistently and frequently alter or shift directions, and although Jared has a great track record in estimating these windows in time, he certainly cannot guarantee any specific outcomes regarding timing.
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