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Advisor Maria50
Advisor Maria50
Love relationships ~ 54 Years Exp.
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54 Yrs Exp ~Look no further ~ I can offer powerful insights to any questions you may have concerning love & relationships, work, pets & more!
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Thank you for taking the time to get to know me . I am 3rd Generation Gifted Psychic spiritualist I didn’t learn this ability I have i was born with it & I have been helping & advising ppl for over 40 YEARS. Ever since I was a child I had the ability to look into lives of others & tell them about their PAST,PRESENT & FUTURE in all areas of there life now that I’m in my 50s my ability has strengthened to the maximum . I can & will HELP u in any situation u are facing I specialize in Love matters. I will tell u if ur partner is faithful or if there even interested in you is there a future with them or are u waiting your time . Regardless what ur problem is I will try to help you & if I feel I can’t I will most definitely tell u I don’t want to waist your time & mine but most of all I don’t want to give you false hope . If I tell you I can help you then be sure I’m going to help you. I will tell you the truth & only the truth & sometimes the truth hurts so prepare yourself !
Approach to Topics
I offer psychic readings, Tarrot, crystal ball and will give you the guidance that my spiritual guides see what's ahead in your future
Do you need to know why he/she has been so distant lately? Is this relationship meant to be or is this temporary? Is he/she truthful to your relationship? I'm here to provide to you with truthful and accurate information, that will clear your mind regarding your situation. My spirit is so uplifting, i can broaden your horizon. I will place your mind at ease. I will not waste your time. I'm very accurate and honest with all my readings. I will help guide you to your hearts desire. Do not wait any longer call now to be amazed

Dont let anyone or anything stop you from your breakthrough. Certified; Spiritualist. Master in Etheric Divination Alchemical Science Spiritual Arts Spell Casting White Magic Through Angels Holy Spirits I Have Fully Developed 6th Sense Perception Using My Ajna Chakra 3rd Eye I Can See Sense Feel Emotion, Spirits, Energy Surrounding You.
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