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Maiden of Wisdom
Maiden of Wisdom
100% Honest Clairaudient-NDE-NO Fluff Psychic!
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Seeking authentic Guidance? Wondering what messages Spirit AND the Angels have for insight into YOUR future? Call me and lets see what they want you to KNOW! NDE Experiences-NO Fluff-REAL Psychic!
**Please Read AD Prior to calling!**

I am a natural born Psychic-born under sign of the Dragon-Aquarius-the Truthbearer! Please KNOW that I really DO tell the TRUTH! I have been reading people for over 40+ years-and was a Top-10 Reader from a prior network.

I am blunt to the point-I work with Spirit and Angels! Angel AND/OR Real Tarot cards are available and offered-and read by consent only. I depend mostly on gut 'intuition' and what Spirit shows to me regardless in any reading! I have participated as a Psychic in Hauntings of older houses-and witnessed ghosts and the power of the supernatural world around us! I began a journal of 'dreams/visions' around 1993 and saw future world events. I am daily aware of one fact...my eyes have seen the Future!

I have blood of the Irish and Cherokee and gifts passed down for generations from ancestors. Sometimes you NEED to talk to someone-who can listen and be open and honest with you. I'm a VOICE Sensitive (Clairaudient"-One who connects to Voice vibrations and all sounds *)! I connect by hearing your VOICE and will give you honest and clear answers and rely only on whatever SPIRIT and what angels show me. Calls ARE confidential-please call from quiet place! Please note: I am NOT responsible for a 'bad phone connection'! If this occurs-please back call another time.

I also have had more than ONE NDEs (near death experience*.) BUT I recovered miraculously alive; my life purpose not fulfilled. I am dedicated to helping others now to find love, purpose and empower all to find happiness and joy AND peace of mind!

Know this-I DO respect ALL Clients time AND money-and do send free minutes to those who become regular paying Clients! I am not here to play games nor give out Fairytales-as LIFE is too short for that; and here only the TRUTH is given.

ANY Reader can tell you what YOU want to hear!
A FEW of us will NOT compromise the REAL TRUTH about what's coming in YOUR FUTURE!

Spirit and Angels are waiting to deliver messages only YOU need to KNOW-so do NOT wait! Call me NOW to see what they have to say about YOUR Future! Tarot AND Angel cards available-but used ONLY with prior consent from any Caller!

WARNING:: The Truth ONLY is told here -NOT a Fairytale that
hurts YOU later on. If you cannot handle that-PLEASE call a different Reader! I walk in integrity-and will NEVER compromise it!

::I cannot answer Lottery/Legal/Health or pregnancy-related
questions/readings--per Keen policies. Thank You!.:::
Approach to Topics
If you are new to readings-I welcome your call! Know that I do use REAL Angel OR Tarot cards--that give clear and direct messages about what you need to see ahead for your future! This offer is done with permission for card use-as I am a Psychic first and foremost connected to SPIRIT-and have a strong "sense" to SOUNDS and VOICES (precognitive and a Clairaudient*). I have absolute recall to voices that I may have not heard in 10 or 20+ years!

I ask you only keep an open heart and mind to whatever the cards show about you and your life! No matter if you are question is about love or work or LIFE-know this-cards are a 'guide' to things coming ahead for you-NOT the past'; and I am a TOP card Reader who explains the 'card' meanings to give you insights what awaits your FUTURE! Please note that I am a VOICE sensitive (picks up by sounds and vibrations*)--and need to be SURE you realize that means I am a Clairvoyant AND a Clairaudient first and foremost! Your call is anonymous-so don't fear connecting by phone!

I am blunt and to the point so your time and money are not
wasted! Cards usually take 8 minutes to get out a FULL 10-card spread and will give you the most information for your money! Spirit and the Angels know what you need to see ahead-so call soon!

The Spirit World is waiting for Your Call!

WARNING:: The Truth ONLY is told here -NOT a Fairytale or a lie. If you cannot handle that-PLEASE call a different Reader! I will NEVER compromise integrity!

::I cannot answer Legal/Health or pregnancy related
questions/readings--policies. Thank You!.::


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