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Remote viewing night time visitors you may have. Such as aliens, greys, lizards, insectoids, etc.. Because it seems like it will be fun to look at other people's sky people. I am bored with my own.
Okay, I got my own stuff going on here. I will not claim any DNA of any of the sky people at all.
I will repeat my mother, she said that the angels told her I would be a boy and because I was a girl they had to be demons. So then I had to be a demon as well. I am 100% sure I am 100% human. But the same people visit once in a while too often once in a while.
So far as my mother said they never keep their word and are always blaming someone else. At least they have never kept their word to me. These are the humanoids who fly the egg-shaped pods down from a larger ship.
You will find the type who visits me in the movie Mariage men showing free on youtube right now. If you have the same type of visiters I have I may not be able to get anything. I have been told by other people they are Anu. They only maintain humans for their own reasons. If anything is needed for the human's comfort or health, they don't give a pop or a peep. I was born on American soil, I am American. No matter what my blood, I am not alien.
I am told every human has sky people just like every game avatar has a game master. I want to meet yours. I do realize this may cause an exchange of information but my visitors don't even keep their word let alone compensate me for my part in their games.

Approach to Topics
I am first as compassionate as I can be, but I need to remember it you I am dealing with and not your visitors.
I use a remote viewing that consists of a connection to energy left with you and following it back to where it ends and seeing what's there. I have heard that the small greys can detect a remote viewer and conversate with them. I haven't had the privilege to try this yet.
If you have visitors that are not exactly humanoid and want to know more about them, so do I.
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