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Ariana Lake
Ariana Lake
Yes I talk to the Animals and they talk to me...
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~ I am highly attuned to the vibrational frequencies surrounding us... I will quickly connect to your deepest heartfelt questions ~
Perhaps its best to explain that from the beginning of my life my destiny was set as My GIFTS were AWAKENED by a VISITATION FROM AN ANGEL when I was 3 years old.....My love for nature inspired my love of animals ....Growing up on a large farm we had land as far as I could see and I played Tarzan and Jane out there on the land.....my dogs were alligator's that I would wrestle in clover field that became the rivers of the jungle.....I found as I explored our land I understood and talked to the birds and chipmunks and my dogs and our pigs and cows and chickens all of nature seemed to speak to me I heard with out words but with the inner voice of Organic Consciousness
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As a child I had a dog, my loyal friend
We grew up together TrickScena and I
I would have drowned at the old swimming hole
but she was right there to rescue me
she jumped in and helped dragged me out
and that snake in the garden she barked and warned me
not to turn over that rock.......and we lay in the yard eating cold hamburger patties......
and she never chased a chicken or a goat, well not much...................
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