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Greetings! I am Jeekers. I just need your first name and what area you would like to focus on. When you call, I can see the larger picture . For pet readings: I need a name of pet to focus on.

Thank you for reading Jeekers17 listing. You deserve the best reading available. You deserve a psychic advisor who is here full time. Jeekers can see the larger picture, and respect your free will. She can see the trends in place and help you make changes! She can help with the love questions that you have and will pray for you.

Background; Jeekers is strongly intuitive and see things others do not see. She can hear the messages clearly in her head... so please have your environment quiet when you call. She is looking around in your scenarios as you and her speak , so that she can give you the best guidance . You deserve the answers that are out there, she can help access them for you. As a trained artist with a Bachelor's Degree in Fine Arts ( Painting ) she has discovered how the intuition flows through the space whether it is painting , drawing, playing music, writing or doing a reading. Through a session, you get to experience the intuitive flow from the Guidance. She will pause to scan the maps and scenarios in the visions that are seen. So please know if she is quiet for a few seconds, it is because she is working on your questions. Jeekers has worked in Art Therapy at a major medical school and this is her passion. Her job here on Keen is to help you accept the reality and work with a plan, she will hold your hand and you will see progress. She has always had a strong connection to the angels and saints. She respects the path you are on and wants to remind you that you are a beautiful child of God. Jeekers is a Practicing Traditional Catholic and works with the best interest of your soul throughout your sessions.
Approach to Topics

A session with Jeekers17 will require first names and your question. ( no dates of birth are needed ) Make sure that it is quiet during the session. Jeekers can help you see the steps to take for success . She can help you solve difficulties! She works by scanning the area around your question and sharing with you the details during the reading so you can make the choices to your best path . When you call , the call is all about you and finding answers and solutions to real situations. Jeekers has repeat callers that have called for many years due to her intuitive intelligence and accuracy. Remember, the reading will be done with utmost care . She will do readings on long distance relationships with people that you have met online yet not in real life yet. She does need names for love readings. She does delve very deeply into the current and future trends in your life situations and can see the bright side in all situations. She is optimistic,realistic and smart at the same time. "Encouraging Angel" is what she has been called by long time clients. She will warn you of pitfalls.
As the mother of 5 wonderful children, and 3 grandchildren. Jeekers has life experience ; All are adults now. Eldest daughter is married and is a former Civil Engineer holding a Master's Degree, now a high school teacher and new mom. Another daughter is married, is a professional baker, and mom of two boys... and her only son is a public health consultant holding a Master's Degree in public health. Jeekers' 2 youngest daughters are still in high school. They are already professional musicians and all three play in a family band and sing in a choir at church.
She is here for you through readings on Keen.

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