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Hi I am Becky an animal communicator, author, medium and Animal Psychic and Trainer here to help you.
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I was Born with this God-given gift of natural clairvoyance, I am able to communicate with all animals to learn about their health, training, and emotional state. I AM not a VET.....Please remember in asking your questions.
This gift allows me to "read" the animal's energy field. In most cases, the animal is able to "show" me pictures of what part of their body is hurting or what form of treatment will make them feel better and do need to interact with you the caller and your pet. So you can have a better idea what to say to your veterinary or if it is a simple at home fix. Most animals are fond of herbs as a form of treatment as well.r
I have worked with animals all my life... I am called by the Native Americans... she who walks with horses...
As a student of Tom Dorrance, Ray Hunt, John Lyons, and many others... I have learned to understand animals and to be one with them.
As a child I learned that I could talk and understand animals...From my Mom who was a great dog trainer..to my Uncle and Aunt who were nationally known trainers I learned alot....
Approach to Topics
On my own I have trained and shown several national winner in many different events....
What has help me is my psychic ways to help understand animals...I AM HERE FOR YOU TO HELP YOU understanding your pet and behavioral troubles. The picture of me is riding across the Boulder River in Montana. The barrel racing is me.
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