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You could feel connected to your loved again somehow. Limbo or Purgatory is where they are. There are Catholic and Christian ways to bridge that gap between them and us. READ FULL AD BEFORE YOU CALL! NO CALLS FROM CARS
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Pls allow 15-30 min for your session
Unlike most, I connect to their REAL spirit not your memory of them
----I only bridge or connect to direct genetic or legal family, spouses or your child's parent who have been gone less than 5 yrs. I DO NOT bridge or connect with long lost friends or anyone who died more than 5 yrs ago
----I DO NOT Connect to anyone who died from suicide, overdose, dui, or criminal activity
----When we die we do not go right to heaven. We go to a space/dimension where our lower selves are purged so we are pure in order to enter into Heaven/Paradise/The Light. Purgatory is real. It means to PURGE our souls of sins and pain before we go to heaven.
----Ancestors are HELPERS Yes. We have ANCESTORS not some rando spirit guides. Ancestors are not Gods they can help some yea but their ability is limited

----THERE ARE GUARDIANS of the underworld/Purgatory/Afterlife, (think Angels, Christian Saints, Pagan deities, Hindu saints, Bodhisattvas etc) They do not always permit contact. I am not going to argue with a guardian of the Underworld on anyone's behalf. They are not mortals and have 0 sense of humor.

------I reserve the right to decline to connect or disconnect with any spirit at any time. Understand that spirits can and do sometimes get annoyed or angry with their living family. Spirits can sometimes be upset or irritated they are real and have their own minds. They are not some pretend friend. I also reserve the right to decline overdose and suicide cases and or cases of criminals who have died

----ONLY Medium on Keen to hold a cert in divination and prediction from Harvard University. On file with customer service
----The deceased are not God-

In 1995 I began my training offline, in person, in Ancient European Paganism and Christian Mysticism. This includes the Kaballah as well as Pagan Viking as well as the Roman /Greek faith. I am a re constructionist, one who seeks to resurrect the Ancient spirituality of my Ancient European Ancestors
I am an Oracle or Sybil in Greco Roman
Vala, Siedhr Kona and Rune Kona in Nordic/Scandinavian/Viking ways. I was trained by Kabbalists,Rune Gild Masters, Troth, ADF Druids(Celtic) and Pagan Elders. Curriculum Vitae available upon request

Advisor Statement
This service is for entertainment purposes only. By contracting for this entertainment service from me you release me, Arrianna from any and all legal liability. By purchasing this you the purchaser understand that all content is for entertainment purposes only and as purchaser you assumes all responsibility for what you do after purchasing this entertainment service. You also waive any and all legal right to litigation (lawsuit)against me for any reason. If you have legal or medical issues consult an attorney or medical doctor. None of the offered services are intended to diagnose, treat or cure any medical condition, financial problem or solve any legal issues.

Approach to Topics
I tune into the afterlife or underworld, the realm of collective consciousness we enter into when we die. What I experience is a bit complicated to explain in a few words but I sum it it up by saying I connect with deceased person's genuine spirit not your memories of them. That means I become a bridge relaying or passing msg (not channeling). This can be extremely intense

I find their spirit, scan for what hurt them most at time of death OR sometimes we go right to part 3 which is where they tell me thing of their lives I could not possibly know. In some rare cases clients had to verify the clues with older fam because they themselves did not know eg the dog a grandfather had when he was 5 like that. Then we get to your concerns.

Sometimes, deceased family member can not be reached or for whatever reason are unable to speak, which can and does happen it is not a "bad" thing it is just how they are being purified to enter the light/Heaven/Paradise. I can tell this within 30 sec and can refund your 1 min their real spirit can not connect.

SOMETIMES Ghosts can be cranky, rude or in a bad mood. This is reality and it does happen. As I said I connect to them not your memories of them. IF they were moody, smart mouthed, loud, insulting etc when alive they are prolly still that way.IF this happens I will end the bridge immediately.
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