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Carrie Janks
Carrie Janks
Messages of Love from the Other Side
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Call for an uplifting reading from a realm in which there is no longer illness, pain, anger or resentments! Your loved ones yearn to connect with you - including your pets!
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Deceased Loved Ones
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I understood that I was having a unique experience with spirit at a very young age and I have been reading professionally for 25 years. I discovered that I inherited this gift from family generations that came before me and at that pivotal moment I realized that I could not treat this talent as a mere folly. My eagerness to learn led me to study with an accomplished psychic and to train with a community of talented readers whom helped me to acknowledge, understand and embrace this awesome gift. I also work with a healer who helps me to farm this talent while remaining within the protective force field of my spiritual life.
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I opened this listing specifically for those people who are searching for the connection with loved ones and the peace of mind it can bring. Spirits are full of surprises and esteem, and are proud to be called upon and acknowledged by those they have left behind in the physical realm. Your pets would like to connect with you too! As our reading begins I will enshrine myself with light and ask my higher power to protect me from negative energies as I delve into the realm of those who have passed on to the other side. They are ever present, and always anxious to connect with you! I perform automatic writing as they come in, and will share with you what I am writing as we go. Sometimes I can hear them, and sometimes they attend the physical realm - ever so briefly- as we move through the reading. The medium readings are absolutely delightful and an affirmation that there is hope and another life waiting for us! I am oftentimes left feeling soothed and reassured myself when I complete such readings.

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