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Let the Magic of a Twisted Tarot Reading by a Psychic Medium, guide you through life’s windings, knots, and ties. Unravel life’s twisted moments and embrace those twists and turns. A Keeper of Keys to other realms.
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I am a Keeper of Keys. I use my Clairsentient Physic abilities to open doorways, to rooms with messages, to rooms where those we love wait. As a Keeper of Keys, I do not take my gift lightly, I honor it and seek to build bridges in communication between the here and now to the spirit realm. I have been a Tarot Reader and Professional Artist for over 20 years. I have a degree in Arts and Science. I have a secondary Accreditation in Counseling and as a Certified Happiness Life Coach, using affirmation spells to manifest your life. I am an Ordained Minister but use Tarot as a looking glass for relationships. I am Certified in Usui Reiki but use art for distance Reiki sessions. I am Certified as a Tarot Reader through both Biddy Tarot and the Centre for Excellence.
I am a Clairsentient but have had psychic events occur through Clairaudience and Clairvoyant dreamscapes. It is my strength as an Empath that has been a touchstone for psychic awareness and metaphysical truth. My Mother was part American Indian and part Witch…but not the good kind. Negative energy embraced her in her life here on Earth. It is because of this influence, that I embraced my Irish roots, and became a Light Worker and a Keeper of Keys.
“The Way out into the light often looks dark, The Way that goes ahead often looks as if it went back.”~Tao Te Ching
Approach to Topics
When our life seems twisted and we aren’t sure where to turn, we can turn to answers through the cards. These cards can be Angel, Tarot, Ancient Runes, or Akashic records. We can follow the thread, slowly unraveling what ever is causing doubt, worry, pain, or fear. The Universe, God, the Angelic Realm, all use conduits to send messages that help us move forward. Let me, Dalenay, be the Medium and the Art of Tarot, Cartomancy, Angelic Cards, be the brushes…let’s dig into all the twists and turns that are convoluting your life and paint your picture perfect view. Let me build the bridge necessary to communicate between this world and the Spirit world.
“The more I observe and study things, the more convinced I become that sorrow over separation and death is perhaps the greatest delusion. To realize that is a delusion is to become free. There is no death, no separation of the substance.”~Gandhi
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