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My soul’s purpose is to help and heal. Personal or spirit readings, with or without tarot cards. I’m grateful to be able to help you :)
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Deceased Loved Ones
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Hi! My name is Emily! I’ve been a psychic medium my whole life, and have been working on developing my abilities further for the last 11 years. I’ve always felt my purpose was to help people. Now, it’s my priority to help both the living and spirits of those who have passed to give closure and help both to achieve peace. I also can receive messages to help you live your best life. Paths to take, address situational issues, changes that should be considered, as well as strengths. I can do readings just using my intuition and what comes to me, as well as tarot cards or runes
Approach to Topics
My readings are very laid back. I feel that makes it easier to read energy, as well as make it a comforting experience. It is my goal to give readings that are most beneficial to both the living and spirit, as to ensure everyone is instilled with a sense of calm and peace

When spirit comes through, it is strong enough for me to feel their physical sensations. I’ll be able to hear what they are saying in my head, given they want to communicate in that way. Tarot cards are also useful in getting their messages across with full accuracy and dual confirmation.

Services include:
*General Readings (questions, general advice, relationships, career, etc)
*Spirit Readings (messages from loved ones, questions you want to ask them)
*Spirit Guide readings (messages)
*Life Path Readings
*Incorporating Tarot Cards in readings

I’m excited to help relay and give the messages intended for you!
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