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Jasmine Scott
Jasmine Scott
Clairity on the things you need to know & see
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Remote Viewing
Being able to see the truth of situations, peoples motives and peoples spirit by just being around them, helps me see the truth for others. I have the ability to see the past and future to predict how a situation will turn out , I will read the far sighted end. I can see the spiritual purpose for things that can cause breaks in communication and chaos, as well as karmic purpose and timing for these things. Creator sees everything that has ever transpired and knows what will transpire and gives us free will to choose our path. I have experience in working with spiritual matters from my ancestors and was given insight since childhood on the workings of the subconsious mind.
Approach to Topics
The approach to my readings is to connect with you through your voice and energy which enables me to pick up on critical information during a reading which I translate or interpret from Akashic Records or Universal Band of Knowledge/Spirit to make sense of for you so you can start manifesting what you want, not what you fear. Life is challenging and full of detractors, so your state of mind can make or break your spirit and your goals. Your mind should work for you not against you, if you are sabotaging your life I can show you what path you need to take to get to where you are destined.
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