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Jasmine Scott
Jasmine Scott
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I have been a channel of Spirit all my life, with 25 years of experience in the Study of the Spirit Realm.I have had dreams, intuitions, and visions which have manifested time and time again. Divination is natural, God given, no tools needed.

often times I have seen places, for years in advance before going there to a very familiar soul growth experience. I have often called out names, places or people others have just had dealings with or situations that had taken place or were about to take place. I have to ground myself often, as I day-travel or (day-dream) and am a highly sensitive conduit of many signals going on around me, that I am putting together.
I can work quickly in surmising truth when required to for a reading which I must be, however I don't have recall on demand at all times and don't do timing as it is Divine , this is not how this gift works. You will always get truth form me, even if it is not what you want to hear. If I don't have an answer for you ...I will tell you I don't know.
I am an interpreter of the spirit realm and it's messages, I have prophetic visions, and dreams, I have experienced Spiritual Warfare on several occasions and I know how to spot it in other's lives and help you combat it. I am clairaudient ( I hear with a stirring in my heart) I recieve prophetic inspiration with an ability to infer & reason beyond comprehension, this is known as clairvoyance, my sensory acuity allows me to serve as a conduit for entities from the after life.

As a Coach/Counselor/Medium & Hypnotherapist my mission is to provide enlightenment & guidance as well as be an advocate for you and your loved one/ones.
You should have peace, be clear, be confident and relieved at the end of a session. If you are calling to see "when will they call, or "are they thinking about me" ? These are Passive and insignificant issues, that lead to "feeling ok for a few hours" (caffeine readings) and I don't conduct these type readings. If you want a solution to a stumbling block with a partner, I will help you see your way through to a solution, as this is my specialty. If you want to connect to loved ones or see if your career choice is your calling, your purpose I conduct these readings often. If you want to know issues of fidelity, I am very strong with these readings. I am a problem solver, not a feel good novelist. I am caring and empathic in my delivery, and do not judge others at any point in their journey for any reason. I am an advocate and provide solutions. I am here for your highest good.
Life is not designed to promote, propel or support you, therefore you must be resilient, you must know yourself and your worth as lies run rampant and human behavior is filled with words that bend. Some people are guardians (actual angels) and some come to harm ( malefic entities ) You had better know the spirit you are dealing with as there are some good faces that cover ugliness and people who are to be avoided. It is my job to discern and help you choose those who have right intentions and want to be with you for you, who you are at your core. I will identify who is who and help you sharpen your discernment.

My background has been the study of human behavior and theology, these areas have been my chief interests all my life. Psychology was my area of study in school, and I worked with another network conducting readings during this time. I worked in self-improvement subliminal and hypnosis promotions, I have become a certified hypnotherapist and understand the importance of what's going on in the subconscious, as this is what our entire life reflects, what our subconscious beliefs are. This can be changed and so can our belief system. Renewing your mind will renew your entire life. Everything is possible and so is fulfilling your hearts desire and sharing with the person you are destined to be with, this starts with you.

Approach to Topics
During a reading I take a moment to connect with you and often will say things similar to that which your loved one has said to you. This is automatic channeling. I will ask what your first question is and share all that I see and sense about the person of interest and try to convey all that you need to better understand the messages which are being conveyed to you.

I am an advocate for others trying to get the best out of their lives. My approach is to personally empower you to embrace a healthy level of self-love and self-worth while traveling on your journey toward spiritual enlightenment. As you become aware of your strength and purpose, the paradigm of your closest relationships will shift.
I will help you see your worth, your value and find your soul.

If you are suffering in confusion or non-fulfilling relationships, my goal is to help you raise your consciousness and project your value so that you attract that which you want, the higher part of you, rather than the fear based part of you.

when you see yourself differently on the inside you can begin to move forward toward your dreams, goals and ideal relationship.
Together we can begin a journey toward your highest self. You must have a healthy bond with yourself to have a healthy bond with another.

In my approach I use my gift of mediumship solely, I can use tools for inquiries on time or tight specifics you may ask. The gift does not allow me to see analytics or perform side show miracles, this is not how this ability works. Spirit speaks through to us to help us on our journey toward our Souls Destiny, I am here to help other's when life gets too toxic, noisy or distracting for them to hear Spirit's message.
When you’re surrounded by too much Dark, I will help you to "Let in the Light" and find your Soul again.

Please note: no medical, financial or legal advice.
I do not offer exact timing ( it is impossible).
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