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Laurel Albright
Laurel Albright
Master Psychic Medium Spirit Reader
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Gentle Truth - Direct answers from Psychic Medium Spirit/Angel Love /Loved Ones/Family/Reconciliation/ Return/ Reunite/Past life/ Twin Flames/Soul Mates/Messages/Timelines
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I have a great experience and It is well known at the place where I am now. People often say my predictions coming to pass. I have got a lot of people I am helped out and they are happy now. I feel really Blessed to be able to help here as Psychic Medium. To people around the globe.
Using my special medium gift I can
read minds "of people at real time it's, like the "reading of muscles" ... When human thinks hard about something, the brain cells transmit impulses to all muscles of the body. Their movements, invisible to the eye, I can easily feel. ... Often I'm performing mental readings trough my connection without direct contact with person. The pointer to me here is the breathing frequency of person I am talking with , the beating of his heart, voice timbre, his talking nature this all are carrying a lot of amount information. Please note : Information and advises provided trough this listing are for entertainment purposes only

To make reading on another person I connect and trying my best to feel all energy of mind and muscles without even seeing this person.

Approach to Topics
I use my special medium abilities to guide you to the right path. I am straight and no sugar coating. Compassionate reading with high emphatic sense.I am proficient and genuine Psychic Medium I am able to connect you with this Medium power without tools. I am doing past present and future reading and fortune telling.
Psychic Medium, Intuitive, Emphatic, energy worker and a healer. I deliver compassion with my ability to inspire real understanding and transformation in individuals confused by their emotions, experiences, relationships and spiritual nature. Medium Connection will help you to discover a lot of insights. Very detailed insights
Connection with the spiritual world and to pass messages to this world.
It is a hard task to perform a medium reading. Takes a lot of energy. But I love to use this energy of mine to help others! Often clients are telling me that I can see a lot of things which others they don't. I am glad now I have this opportunity to help you trough keen platform which is a wonderful place for me to perform.

If you believe that someone from your close people who is already on other side and wants to send you messages then welcome! I will make sure you get this message!
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