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~ Please be aware that when you leave a 5 star to add a comment, even just a TY so that your rating will be seen by other customers. I thank you for your warm ratings~Once again, the prediction had no time to come out before the rating. Psychics give predictions, that is our job. If I said yes, yes, yes I guess I'd be a 5 star psychic. Doesn't take talent to agree. If you think I am using my personal opinion then consider you may try using common sense when considering life issues. Thinking you should gain a grand moment of advisement for a no-win situation to 'make' things go your way is not what calling a psychic is about! PS: I don't guess. Please don't call me just to say 'That would never happen'
~I was born with a strong empath I feel came after my near-death experience as a child. Since my grandmother and her sisters were raised believing in omens, interpreting dreams, and having a deep interest in the afterlife, I also was taught the same. My great Aunt Flora was giving readings via channeling spirits to people during her younger years. I first learned how to give a reading after being introduced to the Tarot as a teenager. The occult was in my upbringing since I can remember. I began at age 14 and now I am 59. I read for the woman at a DV shelter that I worked in and for friends until the internet opened a door to reach many more people. I know what I'm doing, and I am good at it! However, please understand a reading can not be completed in only sixty seconds.
Approach to Topics
When receiving a medium reading please give me your first name and the name and relationship of the person you wish to reach. If I am describing a situation you are not aware of or know for certain it is not the person your calling about just write it down and think of who it could be, sometimes others will come forth first, or if the party you wish to contact is unavailable. We don't sit idle waiting for someone to call a psychic over there! Also don't offer info, just answer my question then let them talk. This is not like a regular reading. 90% of the time they just want to convey they love you.
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