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FORMER HOST OF KEEN RADIO and TOP RATED ADVISOR. Knowing what he/she is really feeling, thinking & wanting. Know where YOUR power is in the relationship and if it's wasting your time or worth fighting for. Get to the truth.
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I am a natural born intuitive empath and my forte is love and relationships. What this means is I feel emotions, and thoughts and can outline the true nature of what someone is feeling about you, the situation, and where their focus and direction is. I outline what they feel, do, think and what power and control you do, and don't have, in your situation. This is an excellent way for you to be aware of what is coming, what to expect, how to navigate through this and any obstacles that stand in your way and how to avoid them or make it worse. I work diligently to make sure you leave a session with me feeling more empowered, have beneficial insight, and the knowledge and ability to navigate through your situation. You should feel good when you leave a session, even if the message isn't what you had hoped for. In addition to my work on KEEN, I speak at seminars, and retreats aimed toward Emotional/Physical healing. I am certified in the following: Tarot, Angel Readings, and I am also accredited with the Registry of Natural Intuitives. My time is very limited on Keen as I have my own private practice in Life/Relationship Coaching, and my goal is to combine both intuitive readings and coaching as I want you to have the tools you need to move forward confidently and not have to depend upon readings. I am a licensed, certified and adept professional spiritual advisor and have worked professionally, in this field, for 15 years. I use both empathic gifts, tarot and runes while I am reading so I am able to validate each message and get the most accurate answers for my clients.

Empathic Intuitive and Certified Life/Relationship Coach. Psychology M.A. and Behavioral Specialist. Certified in Tarot, Angel Readings, Remote Viewing and Grief Counseling.

I am a Professional Coach and Advisor and have worked in the area of spirituality since 1999 privately. I started offering my services online since 2005 and have a large client base.

I am also a mother of four beautiful children and the founder of Zen Junkies as well as an established writer of spiritual articles. I am very proud of the work I do and I continue to train and study new methods as to provide my clients with more services. Currently I am working with energy and on my second level with Reiki Certification.
Approach to Topics
Blessings, and thank you for reviewing my profile. I strongly advise you read the entire profile so you can be certain if I am the advisor for you! There is nothing worse than confusion and feeling you have no control over your own life and/or situation. I am a natural born intuitive empathic. Which means I outline the emotions, thoughts, agenda, and direction of a situation. As an emath I connect rather quickly to a situation and I assist you in navigating through this to achieve your goals. I outline what will work and what won't and if there is or isn't potential. I'm also very direct. And I give it to you straight and I advise as to why something is not working or won't work. I will give you ALL the information, good and bad and it is up to you how you choose to follow it. It's important you know a reading outlines what is coming if you continue to do what you are doing, and how it will turn out. By being aware of what lay ahead you can shift course and choose a different path for which to achieve your goal. Or, you can continue on the path you are on. I outline all of it. . My job is to watch your back so you do not get hurt, waste time, or make mistakes. I take your life and your questions VERY SERIOUSLY.

As an empathic and intuitive I hone in directly on the emotions, actions, agenda, core personality and thought process of the person in question. I can give you clear insight into what to expect and prepare you for what is to come and how to handle the situation to your advantage. I am very quick at getting to the heart of the matter with clear and direct insight. I won't mince words, or waste your time when seeking to find out about another person's motives.

My forte is love and relationships, and difficult relationships with partners who are moving slow and/or non-committal. If this will be a constant struggle or a matter of manipulation I can sniff it out immediately and give you the tools to move this in a different direction. I assist my clients in gaining more control over a situation so they will not be used, taken advantage of, under appreciated, and/or manipulated any longer. I assist with communication issues as I am able to tap into how the other person communicates and how to approach certain situations. I outline and detail all emotions, actions, thoughts, obstacles/pitfalls, and anything else surrounding this situation. Including if other people are involved.

You should leave a reading feeling more in control, and empowered. Panic and fear will be cleared away and you will know exactly how to proceed in any situation as to change negative circumstances into positive. 5-7 minutes is the usual amount of time needed to get the best reading possible as I get right into the reading. I give a true reading, and I answer with clarity and detail. Please do not rush me through the reading, or expect a drive by reading. To get the most out of your reading it's important you allow me to answer the question you ask before you move into a new question on a different topic. So many answers are lost when you rush through it, or are impatient with the answers. A great amount of insight comes when I'm permitted to answer your question entirely.
I'm always available on chat. If you would like a telephone reading, simply get in the queue line or book an appointment, as I am notified immediately someone is waiting and I will call you back as soon as I receive the message. Email readings are also available. Contact me for fee's, specials and details.

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