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Readings with B
Readings with B
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II am a natural born intuitive ( Clair: voyant, sentient, audient, cognizant, empath and channel)-- descending from a long line of mystics/ gifted one's-- on both sides of my family. Raised by a brilliant, powerful, wonderful clairvoyant, lightworker Mother. Here is a glimpse of feedback from my current clients:
V ico
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Ruined it for all other psychics..spookily accurate
So this MVP award warms my heart as does B because this is so very well deserved. I have never read with someone who has read on the spiritual level that she vibrates to. It took me a while to pen this review because I wanted to be able to fully capture all my thoughts on how amazingly attuned her soul and mind was to mine. What started off as a 10 min conversation turned into the purchasing of another 15, something that I have never felt necessary to do with ANY psychic on this site. My inquiry regarding a potential love interest began a poetic like dissertation on some insight into not only him but familial relationships that are close to him that I in my short time of knowing him have been fortunate enough to witness.
I never in my time have had a reader envision an encounter that I will have and describe the surroundings to a tee. She was so descriptive that at that moment I became a bit paranoid that she somehow already knew me when I realized she was seeing my workplace. *We also realized we live in the same city*
The reading took a bit of an emotional turn for me as B was receiving a lot of information about my personality as well. Saw some of my struggles and picked up on some of my personal thoughts. Although I didn’t ask, It didn’t feel invasive in the slightest, but felt like truly being seen for the first time in a while.
I have struggled with psychics on this site who too struggle with articulating themselves. She doesn’t have that challenge as she is flooded with vivid imagery and has an additional gift in the mastering of language in a literary sense. She mentions that she needs a moment when she is receiving information, but there are never any long pauses that have you suspiciously staring at the clock. Her reading style is powerful, focused and inquiry free. Her only question is checking in to see if she is on the right track, which for me... she continuously was.
This first two calls lead to a few others that I have also been pleased with. I have never read with a psychic more than twice so that is saying something. Congrats B
Thanks for reading with me.
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100 stars ⭐⭐⭐!!
Wow. Psychic B is hands-down one of the most talented and highly attuned psychics I have ever read with. So good, I extended the call! She tuned into the energies immediately and was spot-on with what she saw and felt. Her timelines for when I can see a shift happening are quite far out, but that just tells me she is very realistic in what has to occur before we see manifestation! Finally, she is the ONLY advisor that provided REAL guidance into what I CAN DO energetically to support the situation and also what lesson is taking place for ME! Wow. I am a forever client of hers!! ❤
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Approach to Topics
Every intuitive has their own unique weaving of gifts--I have the ability to perceive into the depth--including past lives, I also often pick up on my client's dream life as well. Thus I am able to provide poignant insight into the " Why" and the " How" surrounding your questions. I have been referred to as " astoundingly accurate"--I am known for my authenticity, honesty and most importantly for my loving and inspiring delivery.

It is my absolute joy and passion to support my clients in understanding the language of their interior. I am simply here as a facilitator-- a mirror for your Soul. The information that I receive through my spirit, body, mind and emotions are merely channels for your own Soul to speak to you.By this I mean that we are all vibrational beings--this is demonstrated through Quantum Theory--Our vibrational frequency is what dictates the flow of our outer lives. Because I have harnessed and honed my ability to converse on a vibrational level, I am able to provide a conduit for that which your own Soul ( along with your Divine Guides, and Angels and the Guides of those inquired about) wants to communicate with you. What I emphasize is that we ALL have these intuitive abilities. It is my goal to support my clients in strengthening their intimate understanding of their own energy and their own intrinsic power for transformation and for manifesting deeply fullfilling relationships and experiences in their lives. I am able to tune into the the emotions of others with a very high sensitivity in addition to hearing thoughts and sensing intentions. Ultimately we all have free-will that we may utilize to align in harmony with our Soul's truth-- energy readings will provide a snapshot of what is happening vibrationally at the moment and how much momentum it has built up behind it -revealing how we are in the flow or how we may be resisting or feel stagnate. The real empowerment comes in knowing that we can choose, with our free-will, to shift our energy into alignment and manifest our desires.

We are all seeking a feeling ultimately--for this feeling to manifest in the form of beautiful relationships, abundance , and experiences that reflect our unique gifts and expression in this world. This is your odyssey, your legacy! There is great poetry, and depth to even the most challenging of circumstances. Calling an intuitive , from my point of view should leave you feeling aligned with the resounding truth and beauty of your spirit, with clear vision and senses to navigate from a place of confidence and excitement, and, to have greater context of understanding of the people we seek to be in connection with. I consider it a great honor to be a catalyst and instrument for your success, joy and fulfillment.
** I offer email readings as well — 1 question for $25, and an additional $20 for each additional question :). Please be specific with your questions :).
** please contact me through keen mail for inquiries verses ping as pings don’t always come through. Thank you!
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