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Rose of Angels
Rose of Angels
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Spirit Contact, Let me help you communicate with those who have crossed over. You Can Speak to Your Loved Ones. Dream Interpretation. Pet Communication. SoulMate Connections. The Guardian Angels around you will like me.
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I am blessed by the Presence of those who crossed that Loved me still present helping me.
Angels have spoken with me since I was four years old.I can see and Speak with Spirit as well.
There is a difference between angels and spirit
Spirit has the memory of their Identity
Angels Travel to Heaven and back
They Thank You for Checking into Me. They will Like me and Speak With me For You.
I am non gender based as well if that is important to you. Your Soul does not have any label's. LBGT readings done with the same equal loving energy
Are You Feeling Someone You Love Is With You?
Do You Have Dreams Of Someone You Love that you can not explain or understand but its like they were sleeping with you?
Are You feeling Your Loved one Who Passed trying to Speak with You?
Sometimes we have those who we love, Living or Passed in our minds, connecting with us for a reason.
Do You have a loved one who has passed trying to tell you something? I can see and hear them for you and help you learn to communicate with them as well. Feeling their Love helps us every Day. We know we are not alone, someone who loves us is Close by.

Being born into a family of Psychics(Gypsies) well known in Sicily for Generations, I grew up with the Knowledge of Angels & Spirits around us, here to help those of us Still Struggling Through Life. It is not UnSeen Voices. They are Real People In Spirit Or Angels Who Have Something To Say. All my Grandmothers taught me to Communicate with Angels.

I have been blessed with the Ability to see clearly beyond normal site, I can see Those Who Have Passed. I can See Angels as well as speak to them. If there are any around You with something to say, I will repeat every word.

I am very clairvoyant having been born with a Veil over my face. I have been Speaking with Angels since I was 4 years old when my Grandmother took me to Church & an Angel asked me to give a message to someone who"s husband had just passed. After that people came to find me to Speak to their passed relatives Or Any Angels that were around.

Learning from My grandmother as she read for her clients while I was growing up gave me a the ability to have a greater understanding of the cards and their connection with the spirit world, she told me to ask spirit for answers. She bought me my first deck of tarot cards when I was 13, saying she knew I could read them.

Being born with a Veil over my face, meaning The Gift To See Beyond in me was strong, This Gift I Share With You.

I was taught to Listen inside, to hear what spirit was saying for each client, so I do.
When I was 17yrs old I worked blocks away from Hollywood&Vine, doing readings and helping in past life time regressions. We Taught People How To Communicate with Those Who Have Gone Beyond doing Readings. A professor from UCLA tested me in 1970, saying my abilities were amazing, I truly could speak with the dead asking me If I could help him with some houses that were Haunted. It was very interesting work.

Back in the 60's I was Reading for some Very Famous People from CBS as well as Desi Lu.

I really care about the people I read for & do as much as I can to help them to find peace. It is something that I was taught by mother & grandmother as well.

One client sent me this: Hi Rose,
I cannot believe how accurate ate you were regarding my situation at work. When you first physcialy described the person in question, it didn't register because I didn't even realize the problems he was creating. You were not only spot on, you also brought to light something I was not even aware at the time what going on... seeing it coming, though, helped me to be prepared to better deal with it. Thank you for you insight. it really helped.
If you have Angels Or your Relatives who have crossed communicating with you, you will feel or sense them however you might not be able to hear them clearly, I can.
I will Ask Spirit what every questions you have for them
Approach to Topics
I look into who you are asking about, if you are not dealing with them or in a relationship with them i can not read them for you. I can tell you who is coming into your life, i can see them. I can also guide you to finding your own inner strength and show you how to see your own visions.
some of my Clients have been with me for years, some get what they need and are gone. One of my clients called me when ever she hears her grandmother telling her to.. it took 2 yrs for her 2 become pregnant. it took a lot to guide her to her babies father.. granny was there all the way,, even to the point of describing an outfit she needed to get from Victoria's secret. she found it on the clearance rack as I had been told she would. she then sent me this>Rose-For whatever reason you have been on my mind. I suspect it's Granny telling me to call you. I hope you are well and I appreciate the love, light and truth that you have shared with over the years. I have attached a photo of the baby smiling, his name is Ryan. you were very correct! Melissa
Her Grand
Mother wanted her happy and now she is

It is truly wonderful to have an Angel Near By, I am Blessed with Knowing Mine.
I can see beyond & Speak to spirit so easily having crossed over myself so many times. they say you get a Gift when you come back.
I truly can Speak with Angels just as if I were speaking with you.

I have worked with Law Enforcement since I started reading, Just recently I was able to identify hidden blood, the missing mother of 5 said her husband had beaten her to death in her home and had missed evidence under the faucet. i was able to share that information and now the husband is being charged with Murder, his girlfriend will testify against him from what his now dead wife said.

May Your Dreams be Filled With Laughter Letting You Wake Up With Love in Your Heart and A Smile On Your Face.

p.s.I some people leave a bad comment & ratting when they don't get the answer they want..
If you are calling to speak a crossed Loved One Please know it takes a month for someone who has passed to be in Peace and release the Pain of their Passing
I truly do believe you get what you Pray for. Just ask your Angels

Be Blessed.

Remember You Are Loved by those who Crossed that might be Visiting you Right Now
If you contact me I will help you find Peace and Calm your Soul, as well as those who have crossed that are around you
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