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Medium, Spiritual Counselor, Intuitive, Psychic, Past Life Work: Jolly Soul. A soothing, light energy that will lift you up and lighten your journey. The gift of illuminating present life to unlock new pathways.
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Past Lives
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Women’s Issues
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My guides and teachers have always been around me and many unseen lights lead me into the energetic understanding of what you seek to know.
As a woman here on earth I have had many challenging life experiences that have added a deep understanding of our bumpy journey here on this planet- and how to smooth out the ride!
A lifetime psychic and 3rd generation sensitive with thirty years of study, training and practice. Former past life regression specialist.
THIS IS HOW I WORK~ I see symbols, metaphors and images that answer your questions, and can easily talk to those on the other side given a good 4-5 minute time span, or request an email reading $44.00-- highly informative, complete and colorful from this professional writer. Request past life reading or one question.
It is important to note that a one minute reading will not work for me- because I'm just not that person. I'm contacting through the veil of dimensions which takes a minute or two on its own~ cosmic phone lines! This is why I keep my rates low for you!
A soothing, light energy that will lift you up and give you great insight.
Honest, fast and funny~ Come on over!
Approach to Topics
My heart is a warm and loving place that cares about you, my fellow travelers. I have been blessed with wonderful clients who need clarity on a problem, are curious about their past lives,or seek to connect with those beyond the veil. Take a deep breath before you call and center yourself so we can create an open window together. I have a specific process for mediumship, so expect to spend some time together.
I PREFER life questions of depth instead of- "will he call me" questions. It will be much better to ask the deeper questions- career, family, health, if you have a future together, what can heal your heart, family patterns, family connections here and beyond !
If you come from kindness and a heart space, we will do much better together.

~~Nothing is set in stone. All predictions, premonitions, forecasts, readings, diagnoses, possibilities and probabilities, are based on current vibrations, focus and the divine highest good... individually in our own lives and as a collective.

And like a river molds the shape of a stone with its varying flow, “the future” flows and changes as our focus and vibration change.
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  • Kind · 99+
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  • Detailed · 99+
  • Accurate · 99+
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