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Honest Accurate Psychic Spirit Medium since 1967 to help you connect with departed Spirit of your Family Member, True Love, Soul-Mate, etc.. Awesome Free Follow-Up Bonus Gift. BY PHONE & BY APPOINTMENT ONLY!
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I began my Psychic Mediumship development at the age of 16 under the guidance of my Grandmother, a 3rd generation Medium, Psychic Tarot Reader, Astrologer, & Palmist. Ever since then, I have studied many Mediums, Tarot Card Masters, Psychics, and Healers. My professional career began as the result of a psychic visitation experience with the spirit of my deceased grandmother in 1974. I have been giving face-to-face Tarot Card readings for over 54 years.
Approach to Topics
I have been giving honest and accurate psychic tarot readings since 1967.

My Psychic Tarot Readings are a partnership between my clients, the tarot cards, and my many psychic skills and abilities. I combine both my psychic abilities and healing skills to give my clients a complete reading and healing. Even though Tarot Cards are my primary "tools", my psychic, spiritual, and clairvoyant abilities are also a major part of my reading process.

I practice Energy Healing & Reiki to mend broken hearts and heal love-pain. I also teach and coach "The Law of Attraction" & "The Secret" to help my clients attract and manifest their true love & soul-mate, and happiness, prosperity, abundance and success.

I am available to help any client as long as they are honest, open, and willing. I do not judge or discriminate due to race, religion, or lifestyle. my clients come to me with a large variety of concerns and challenges, and I've helped 1,000’s of people with issues dealing with love, relationships, divorce, infidelity, family, career, money, and much more. I treat all of my clients with respect, love, understanding, and compassion.

I employ my clairvoyant skills to establish an empathetic rapport and a psychic connection with my clients at the very beginning of the reading.

My clients get the best readings when they come prepared with a clear idea of what they want to know. I always recommends that my clients prepare themselves before a reading by writing down specific questions. This guarantees a quality and fulfilling Tarot Card reading.

Vague and confused questions yield vague and confused answers from the cards. It is also important that my clients try to be as honest as they can. Dishonesty will lead to a confusing and deceptive reading.

Even though Telephone readings are limited compared to a "live" face-to-face reading and healing, I can still use my clairaudient skills to establish a strong psychic connection with my clients over the phone.

I am always 100% honest with my clients and will not sugar-coat or lie under any circumstance. Sometimes difficult things need to be said for the client's well-being and greater good. If I sense that a client is suffering, in some kind of distress, or under the influence of a spiritual attack, I will ask the client if we can do some psychic cleansing or healing work. My primary concern is for my client's well-being and health.

Personally, I like to give my clients more than just accurate readings, I like to also offer them solutions to their life challenges. After the basic reading segment of a session, I will offer to move into a healing or visualization to manifest my client's true-love, soul-mate, twin-flame, or to manifest abundance, prosperity, and success. I really love helping my clients heal and move past their challenges, and on to achieving their heart's desire, happiness, and success.
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