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When I was a little girl I would lay my hands over injuries and pray over them to heal them. I am not sure anyone thought much of it except to say “oh how sweet.” I befriended the kids that had to stay in at recess time to play because they had illnesses which is how I met Angelique. My best friend in first grade passed from cystic fibrosis . From that time on she was always near me and over the years we’ve stayed friends as she works as one of my teachers and guides. The year before that my grandmother passed and has remained by my side teaching me and watching over me even when I didn’t know I had abilities. She's still here. I really thought that everyone experienced seeing their dead friends and grandmothers. It was the 1970s and no one in my world ever talked about it except that I was odd because I talked to people that were not there and that I put my hands on injuries to make them better. I learned to hide my gifts as a result and spent so many years in denial of them. Until, I was 34 yrs old and had a near death experience during the birth of my twins. After that moment I could not hide my gifts because the way I experienced them was so loud. Attempting to handle it on my own because I didn’t know where to turn, I accidentally opened a portal in my home. It was already there before I moved in but my inexperience and anxiety blew it up. I joined a Reiki group and began exploring my gifts as a spiritual healer when Spirit brought me to my first teacher, Ms. Devita. She showed up on my doorstep like the tiny lady from the movie Poltergeist and said with her thick Texas accent, “I am here to help you. And you need it now.” She opened her battle bag and pulled out some sage, lit it on fire and I just stood there in awe of her, speechless as she commanded the evil to leave. I hadn't even invited her in but we were fast friends and confidants She taught me everything. She told me that one day I would do the same for others. Almost a year to the day she showed up on my porch she passed. She told me, “its time for me to do my work on the other side.” She is still with me today. Since then I have done readings in Park City, Utah during the Sundance film festival for lesser known actors, done some parties, cleansed and cleared many homes and work spaces, taught, healed and loved as a sensitive person. Over the years I have been fortunate to live in diverse cultures and study spirituality and healing in those cultures. I am eclectic in my approach and open to culturally diverse experiences.
Approach to Topics
I earned my masters of science in psychology and am currently studying metaphysical psychology. The best thing about speaking to me is that I have a soft voice. While studying Buddhism and meditation, I learned that this is part of my gift as a spiritual healer and communicator. Using the throat chakra and connecting to the universal OM allows me to speak the truth of angels, guides, spirits, and other energies. I am a big believer in OKAYness because things in life are never perfect. Sometimes they are really good, sometimes bad, and sometimes they just deserve a meh emoji. I work with the Archangel Michael and his Band of Mercy, Archangel Raphael, and Archangel Gabriel. I can help you identify and connect you with your angels and empower you to turn to them into every day help. My ability to help you depends on the reciprocal understanding that you will participate, focus and trust (not test me, and yes, I know when I am being tested). Spirit and energy works on faith and a lack of faith can block energy flow. I will not waste your money or my energy proving that I am the real deal. I am gifted at remote viewing. My ability to remote view depends on how focused you are on your intention. I am a psychic medium and empath. People often want to speak to those that have passed and I can do this if the dead show up for you. Sometimes this connection is made while I am communicating with guides and angels. Either way we can draw information that will serve your greatest and highest good. I am NOT a psychic spy, gossip or a mind reader. I respect the free will of all parties involved in our readings. When we ask questions about the people in our lives we have to remember that their guides and angels are working for their greatest and highest good too. So sometimes getting no answer is the answer we have to accept. When you are ready, we can talk about you and the energy that surrounds you in your relationships and how you can achieve love, career and positive relationships.
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