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Messages from Spirit, loved ones who have passed.
I am a natural and trained medium who will connect to the other side to bring across messages from those beyond the veil. Channeling messages that are waiting for you from loved ones. NO CHATS on this listing !!!
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Deceased Loved Ones
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Spirit Guides
Skills & Methods
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I am a born psychic and a medium. I am a certified Spirit Medium, and I have been reading on KEEN for over 10 years (giving over 80,000 readings). I have taken classes to hone my skills, and have taught psychic development, Universal law, tarot, and Reiki. I am a certified Reiki Master, and certified Spirit Medium. Please note I will not do mediumship readings on my other listings. This is a completely different prep and midset than psychic readings and tarot readings. Please respect that. I also cannot promise to connect with a particular person, although I will try, I do not boss the spirit world, sometimes they cannot or do not want to connect.
Approach to Topics
Please only call for mediumistic readings. Be open to what you receive. I use the gifts I was born with , which are mediumship and psychic ability. I have recently graduated and become a certified Spirit Medium . I have always had experiences with those who have passed, and I am now ready to pass on messages. I will continue to hone my skills.
Ask for a Spirit by name and I will ask them to come in, if they do not , they always send an emissary. It may not be who you want to step forwards, but it is always a person connected with you. May be a family member, may not. Listen to the description and message. It may even make more sense late when you talk to other family members. These spirits work hard to come through so please respect them and the process. When you are disrespectful I will end the call. I need to keep on their good side....
Please be clear in your heart and soul who you wish to come through. The Spirit you want doesn't always come through, and I do not "Boss the Spirit", but I will pass on messages from those who do come through as there will always be a reason why they came and passed on messages. I only work in the light.
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