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5 stars
(Ratings 43)

- THE REAL DEAL! ♛ Tested, Detailed, Fast - Learn why he is sought worldwide by many for his spiritualist psychic insight, abilities and direct method of addressing issues 100% Truth Now No Clipart Garbage Fairy Tales

5 stars
(Ratings 116)

I can FEEL how others are feeling. I KNOW how they will react. I specialize in RELATIONSHIPS and DREAM INTERPRETATION and ENERGY WORK.I have been shown the way and am here to help YOU get ALL the ANSWERS you NEED!

5 stars
(Ratings -3)

Get connected to that ex again, no false hopes, no scripts, no sugar, only real insights into what is ahead and how you can change it all.

5 stars
(Ratings 684)

Specializing in all your concerns and questions about LOVE & LIFE with only your names, I am able to answer all your questions and help you to find the truth!

5 stars
(Ratings 1557)

I am an experienced 40+ Tarot Reader, Angel Medium and Manifestation Coach and here for all your LOVE questions. Together with my Tarot cards and with the help of my angels we can find a way to attract him back.

5 stars
(Ratings 805)

With over 22 years experience in readings I can look into his/her soul for you and explain their feelings to you. I'm looking forward to chat with you.

5 stars
(Ratings 211)

Allow me to guide you along the Path of truth, enlightenment and answers. Messages from Spirit, Angels and Guides Using Tarot to help you in times of need. No false hope just the Truth

5 stars
(Ratings 171)

I am a highly gifted Empath and I offer you the help you need in your Relationship and Life. Is he coming back to you? Does he love you? I know the answers to your questions...

4.5 stars
(Ratings 4)

Would you like to find clarity about your most crucial concerns from a reader with thirty years' experience? Chloe, Queen of Diamonds can answer any question you may have. Real psychic insight has never been so affordable.

5 stars
(Ratings 77)

Do you have questions and concerns ? Let me help you with some insight.

5 stars
(Ratings 329)

Get instant answers from a highly gifted international clairvoyant and psychic medium . Let me guide you through whatever is on your mind right now with clarity and direction true to you!Get honesty and truth from me today

5 stars
(Ratings 2076)

by Jovial
ACCURATE FAST COMPASSIONATE: the TRUTH. Specializing in Love and Relationships. Multidimensional psychic with over 18 years experience working with elite clients around the world. I am here to help.

5 stars
(Ratings 5392)

There is happiness for all who Truly seek it! God wants wants you to be happy and sometimes alll that stands in our way is ourselves! Jo my Guide and I can help you find your way and we are waiting for your call.

5 stars
(Ratings 245)

I provide inside on your questions and bring to light new paths that are available to you. I also have the ability to see if someone is honest to you, will come back, loves you etc. Just ask me :-)

5 stars
(Ratings 183)

I am a gifted psychic and I am able to help you with any questions you have regarding your love life, relationships, career or life questions . Do you worry if they truly love you? I have YOUR answer right here in minutes

5 stars
(Ratings 342)

Celebrity Psychic (see list of some celebs), all 10 minute readings come with an email filled w/additional predictions from me. I will amaze you with my gifts. I have quite a few. Read my blogs "Reading Prep for You".

5 stars
(Ratings 92)

by Meilena
Compassionate, accurate fast chat and Spirit connection. I work with my guides to connect to your situation and loved ones to get you the answers you need now.

5 stars
(Ratings 3642)

I am waiting for your call to answer any questions you have and prepared to be amazed at my abilities. I will not sugar coat and will be very honest with you so you will be able to move forward ro your desired happiness!

5 stars
(Ratings 27456)


5 stars
(Ratings 138)

Get the clarity that can only come with over 25 years experience. I can get in their hearts and head. I will tell you what lays ahead and how to maximize your happiness. Not a fortune teller. Only truth, no nonsense.


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Psychic Readings
Why Psychic Readings?
A trained psychic advisor offers amazing insight on love, relationships, money or career. Through psychic readings on KEEN, you get insights combined with compassionate psychic readings. Create your future with an intuitive guide who really listens.
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Tips for Psychic Readings
KEEN has been a leader in online psychic readings since launching in 1999. Offering an easy, direct line to instant live psychic advice, KEEN's psychic readings are safe, secure and totally anonymous.

As a new customer, you get a free psychic reading (3 minutes free) when you register for the first time. You can connect with a psychic via online chat, email readings or phone - anytime, anywhere.

Looking for a new perspective to a difficult problem? Love & Relationship advice and tarot readings from online psychics are just a click away. Get powerful personal spiritual readings and advice on astrological compatibility too. Seek answers from a trusted psychic advisor on KEEN for all your life questions. If you're not completely satisfied, KEEN has a satisfaction guarantee.

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