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5 stars
(Ratings 26)

LadyKimberly offers fast Phone and Chat sessions. I have 27 years experience offering: Clairvoyance, Clairsentience/Empathy, Clairaudience, Telepathy and Mediumship. *PLEASE CHECK MY LARGEST KEEN LISTING FOR RECENT FEEDBACK.

5 stars
(Ratings 21)

The Love Psychic can turn things around in your life, get your ex back, strengthen your love connection, she can do it all, contact for real results.

5 stars
(Ratings 1050)

!REAL ANSWERS TRUE PSYCHIC! ~ SWORN ACCURACY BY MANY ~ REAL TIMEFRAMES! Paris can tell you everything you're seeking a reading with Paris is not Yes/No answers or sugarcoated!CALL NOW FOR THE TRUTH

5 stars
(Ratings 2)

My name is Bella - new to Keen but not to my gift. I am a Clairvoyant, Clairsentient, Clairaudient, Empath and Medium with 30 years of exp. I offer fast phone and chat readings. Top listing has recent ratings. Namaste xx

5 stars
(Ratings 155)

TRIED THEM ALL? Providence brought us meet! HIGH accuracy Psychic-Medium truthful,compassionate who sees in-to beyond, mind, destiny, future. Know what awaits YOU. REAL MEDIUMSHIP

5 stars
(Ratings 1)


5 stars
(Ratings 95)

I am a God gifted Spiritual advisor specializing in Love & Relationships,family& career!

5 stars
(Ratings 2427)

reunites lovers guaranteed can bring luck love money and much more in your life with my god gifted ability I can help you chat now for the truth and all the answers is he/she my soul mate? do thy love me the way I love them?

5 stars
(Ratings 111)

Do you have questions and concerns ? Let me help you with some insight.

5 stars
(Ratings 131)

Looking for answers to Marriage Love Relationships Career I have a special connection to the Spirit World they show me the answers you seek in everyday life and more Honest and quick answers to all questions

5 stars
(Ratings 2261)

by Jovial
ACCURATE FAST COMPASSIONATE: the TRUTH. Specializing in Love and Relationships. Multidimensional psychic with over 18 years experience working with elite clients around the world. I am here to help.

5 stars
(Ratings 7282)

by MsLisaM
Fast connection and direct answers. Specializing in emotions, actions, agenda and outcome. Know what he/she is thinking, feeling, what to do, and what to expect from the love in your life.

5 stars
(Ratings 3091)

I specialize in love readings, I will fully engage with you picking up on your energies and the energies of the one you love. Allow me to give you the tools and guidance to stop unwanted divorces/breakups.

5 stars
(Ratings 338)

3rd generation Certified psychic and ordained minister. I can help you with love, relationships, friendships, career, or guidance on life decisions. Reiki Healing over distance.

5 stars
(Ratings 1279)

Tarot, clairvoyant, guidance to enlighten and lift your spirit! Let me help you with all your spiritual needs. Extremely accurate and totally honest.

5 stars
(Ratings 236)

See Beyond the Veil. Attract Soul Mates. Control Your Destiny. Claim Your Dreams Allow me to use my abilities to mend your broken relationship or reunite you with a love from your past.

5 stars
(Ratings 2925)

My name is Max Angel. I am a POWERFUL, NATURAL-BORN CLAIRVOYANT, PSYCHIC MEDIUM. I am also a very strong EMPATH. GIFTED BY GOD! 25 years of Experience.

4.5 stars
(Ratings 452)

Hay House Radio Feature Author, International Radio Professional Intuitive, Get the right answers now, I do Live Readings with Audiences on Stage - Connect and be impressed!

5 stars
(Ratings 156)

Get the clarity that can only come with over 25 years experience. I can get in their hearts and head. I will tell you what lays ahead and how to maximize your happiness. Not a fortune teller. Only truth, no nonsense.

5 stars
(Ratings 12)

by Jason F
My intuitive advise will help guide you though all of your relationship questions. Are you lost in love or just lost. Does your heart feel heavy. Are you left questioning yourself and don't know what to do. I can help!


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Psychic Readings
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A trained psychic advisor offers amazing insight on love, relationships, money or career. Through psychic readings on KEEN, you get insights combined with compassionate psychic readings. Create your future with an intuitive guide who really listens.
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Tips for Psychic Readings
KEEN has been a leader in online psychic readings since launching in 1999. Offering an easy, direct line to instant live psychic advice, KEEN's psychic readings are safe, secure and totally anonymous.

As a new customer, you get a free psychic reading (3 minutes free) when you register for the first time. You can connect with a psychic via online chat, email readings or phone - anytime, anywhere.

Looking for a new perspective to a difficult problem? Love & Relationship advice and tarot readings from online psychics are just a click away. Get powerful personal spiritual readings and advice on astrological compatibility too. Seek answers from a trusted psychic advisor on KEEN for all your life questions. If you're not completely satisfied, KEEN has a satisfaction guarantee.

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