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Nixx Blackwood
In Times Of Change - Accurate Clarity & Insights
Psychic Avalon 777
Psychic Avalon 777... Clarity and Compassion
Kay the Intuitive Empath
Kay Intuitive Empath Tarot Reader
Melanie Rain
5 star psychic! Accurate Readings just 3.49 a min.
Nadi astrologer
Relationship through ancient indian astrology
Ms Brianna
Pet Psychic Your Pet has a Message..........
Cosmic Advice
Honest and True Advice
Kristin Lee
Direct truth & Channels deceased loved one's
Guidance by Julie
Quick Love and Relationship Answers. Accurate!
Lady Cat Tarot
Tarot Readings by Lady Cat Tarot
Consult My Cards for the Answers You Need
Freya Magick
Spiritual Guidance Accurate Answers
"You always have a friend, with Ken."
Honest, Accurate Answers
I GIVE 5 MINUTES FREE! Need Answers? Call Me!
Moon Card Tarot
10,000+ readings in Tarot Category.
Need Answers? Medium FAST Direct Truth
Purpose Tarot
Intuitive Empath Tarot Readings
Astrology Charts for Fur Babies or Finny Friends
Gaia mystique
Soul-Mate & Twin-Flame. Relationship. Finances.
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