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Receive answers to your relationship questions and other important life questions. Angels see your situation from a different viewpoint, and can provide the best guidance and solutions for you in the present moment.
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My entire life, I've been clairsentient and clairaudient. In addition to being certified in angel card readings, I'm also certified in Angel Energy Healing and Reiki. Channeling messages and energies directly from angels is my biggest passion.

My History:
- Since a young age, I've always felt spirits and angels around me.
- In 2002, a near death experience strongly connected me to the angelic realm.
- In 2018, I became spiritually awakened and began my ascension journey.
- I regularly see angels as sparkles of light, waterfalls of light, and angel flares.
- Angels have been flowing Universal Life Force Energies through me ever since I was a kid to heal both people and pets.
Approach to Topics
All I ask for when we connect is your first name. The angels know you very well, and will provide you with helpful information that is best for you in the present moment.

Channeling with angels is very different from other psychics because you have direct access into the divine realms of angels, archangels, and ascended masters. The angels are only here to provide you with helpful guidance and solutions for your life. Please ask specific questions related to things that angels can help you with, or yes/no questions that help you with your life.

During your reading:
- I am directly connected to at least two archangels
- Angel oracle cards are used sometimes
- When asking questions about another person, please provide the other person's first name

If a specific archangel wants to help you, I will pass that information along to you. Then, it's your choice whether you want to ask that archangel for help or not.

Angels always want to help you, however the Law of Free Will prevents them from interfering in your life. This is why you must keep asking angels for assistance until situations are fully resolved.

Remember that you are a co-creator of your life with universe. It's your responsibility to take control over your own life, and to change things you do not like. You can achieve anything you desire and live your dream life by taking one action step at a time with assistance from angels. Invite angels into your life every day so they're allowed to help you more. This is easy to do, and can be as simple as asking your guardian angel for a sign, such as an angel number.

Please remember to thank the angels and archangels after your reading.

I look forward to connecting with you, and assisting you with guidance and solutions for your life. Both the angels and I send you blessings of love and light.

If you want an email reading, send all your questions.
- Please remember to include first names of other people.
- Indicate which reading(s) you want from those shown below.
- All email readings are typically sent to you in less than 24 hours.

Short Email Reading:
- This is the default reading if no other types of readings are requested.
- Price varies based upon the number of questions asked and how much information the angels bring through for your reading. A good estimate is approximately $2.99 per question.

Angel Messages Card Reading:
- Angelic guidance for the next 6 months.
- Reveals challenges, discover what the angels want you to focus on, and what to expect when you follow their guidance.
- 5+ cards with names of each card provided. $11.11

Love and Relationships Card Reading:
- Full angel oracle card reading with messages from angels.
- Receive the names of all 6+ cards drawn.
- Find out how each person feels, the current connection, relationship strengths and weaknesses, and the outcome of the relationship. Only need to know the first names of both people. $25
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  • Honest · 36
  • Accurate · 29
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