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I do aura readings, intuitive card reading, and palm reading. I am also a Reiki healer. I have been active since 2014. I will close every session with a follow-up message, and send distance healing. I'm here to help!
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Aura Cleansing
I realized that I was more empathic than most when I was in a traumatic relationship, and could tell long-distance when my partner was crying, or having sex with someone else. After that was over, I was attuned to be Reiki healer, master-level all at once. It was an extreme clearing process that I wouldn't recommend to anyone, but it made me experience energy more intensely.

I saw a person upon entering in the lobby of my building, instantly knew that he was responsible for breaking into my apartment, and that ended up being true. I started practicing doing readings around then, with actual psychics who taught me some valuable methods to put into my toolkit. I have given readings steadily since then. These have been mainly palm readings and aura readings, with the use of tarot as divination. I can get the feel of a situation, and a sense for where things are going.

Prior to that, in 2001, I had been practicing a technique called "image streaming", which is a form of streaming consciousness that leads to psychic ability. Also, in 2003, I spent the night in a haunted cemetery, and communed with a wild amount of entities all night. It was like a light show. It was that point that I knew that ghosts were more of a psychic phenomenon, because of the trance I found myself in out there under the moonlight.

I have learned various techniques from other psychics with daily practice, and I attended a psychic school where I learned more on reading auras. I have recently rekindled my membership with that school. I was also certified as a hypnotherapist in 2017, and I have learned a few things to do in self-hypnosis to get past life information (these are among the things I do off the clock).

More info here: https://www.keen.com/CommunityServer/UserBlogs/Arvo/default.aspx

Approach to Topics
For tarot, I will pull cards and see what my intuition tells me about answering your questions. I can tell you the energy of the situation, and what you can do aid yourself for the best possible resolution. I can go from there as long as you like, but in any case, I will follow up with a private message, answer your question to the best of my ability, and send healing energy to each client.

Shuffling is key, so please allow time. I have been told that I'm one of the readers on Keen with the faster response times/wpm, but I might need more than 3 minutes to get accurate impressions. I pride myself on being as kind and direct as possible.
Feel free to give it a try! I will answer the question privately if you run out of minutes, but in a live chat conversation, I can address the various details and follow-up questions that one may have.

I also do aura readings live via chat. I can look into what your blind spots are, and help see what is obstructing you from your best possible evolution. These are spiritual readings, and can have a healing effect.

Off the clock, I do fuller readings, healings, and psychic meditations for clients. More information (and purchase buttons) on palm readings, full Celtic cross tarot spreads, and Reiki distance healing, available from me through Keen, can be found at my blog entry: https://www.keen.com/CommunityServer/UserBlogs/Arvo/default.aspx

*I cannot give medical or legal advice on Keen.

*The future is fluid and moldable. It is easier to predict a hurricane than it is to predict when a person's lover will come back, because there are a lot of variables. A lot of times, those variables involve an energy shift, and for some work to be done. It's better to ask me about the feelings surrounding a situation, or what is needed for an energy shift, and where it seems to be going without that shift.

*I do not do remote viewing. If I am asked about a jilted lover, I can get a feel for their energy signature, but I can't ethically give locations or incriminating details. I just sense the energy of a situation. I strive to give people clarity and guidance that changes them, heals them, and helps them let go. I feel that is what I specialize in.

I send out free minutes on a regular basis.

Again, feel free to consider me off the clock for palm readings and other things:

Thanks for reading!
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