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Dawn Maree DeJaVu
Dawn Maree DeJaVu
~Author Of "Walking In The Power Of Transparency!"
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Even though this listing is new, I am not new to giving Psychic/Medium Readings, and I am not new to Keen. I've been with Keen since 2010, managing to give over 25,000 readings, and keep a five star rating.
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Skills & Methods
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Dream Exploration
I inherited my gifts as a child, and used them to survive a harsh, abusive environment. As I grew into a young adult I used my Psychic gifts to amuse people, and starting from the age of 28yrs. old, I have used them to help humanity. My greatest desire in life is to help you create the love, freedom, and abundance that you long for. This listing may be new, but I am not new to Keen. I started giving online readings from the Keen platform back in 2010. By 2017 my middle Son was a critical point in his life, so I had to leave Keen for awhile to give him all of my time and attention. He took his last breath and went into spirit form May 22nd, 2018, at the tender age of twenty-four. I guess the plus side of being gifted is that I can still feel and hear him, and his is doing absolutely amazing in his spirit form! I have written, and published, a full autobiography in graphic detail of what my 50 years of life on this earth has been like through abuse, death, and rebirth. You can get it on Amazon or by going to the link listed below. *Disclaimer: Because of the graphic nature of this book it is not recommended for anyone under the age of 18.* It is only now that I feel my life is at a stable enough point to once again use my gifts, in clarity, love, and peace...for you. So there you have it...hence the name Dawn Maree DeJaVu...I've been here before in service to you. Now, I come back with even more life experience, and expertise in using the gifts that are so much apart of my life. My Guide Ephraim and I, once again, come to offer you help and guidance. We welcome you...what can we do for you today?
Get all of my books here: https://problemsolvingmadeeasy.com
Approach to Topics
For over 20 years, I have honed my skill of actively listening and sensing your projected energy in order to recognize sources of negative energy in your life, and teach you how release not only the negative energy, but also help lead you down the right path to your hearts desires. My guidance is honest and thoughtful, and my readings will guide you to lead the most positive life full of joy, love, abundance, and inner peace. Oh...and I also have a Bachelors Degree in Psychology that helps me stay grounded and true to the scientific nature of what I do. I am also a published author. You can get my book by going to the link below or on Amazon.com. ***Disclaimer: There is no sense of time in the Spirit World therefore I DO NOT guarantee any time frames given in my readings, as there are so many energies that influence it. If you are looking for exact time frames, please feel free to use another advisor. Also, I no longer do Mediumship readings for new clients. I will ONLY channel for returning established clients. Finally, I DO NOT do general readings. Please have specific questions ready before the call...thank you. :) ***

Get all of my books here: https://problemsolvingmadeeasy.com
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