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Eye of George
Eye of George
Amazingly Talented Astrologer and Tarot Expert
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I will guide, inspire, heal and remove restrictions to finding perfect Love. We'll work together to dissolve any blocks to creating a more fulfilling Love life and happiness with all aspects of your being. Don't guess - Call
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I have studied Astrology, Tarot, and I-Ching from an early age. I spent many years with internationally known poets and notables from the Beat generation. I have known multi-millionaires and saw them make fortunes. I gazed into the eyes of the most beautiful woman in the world. I have served professionally for over 20 years. I hiked deep into the Wind River Mountains over the Continental Divide at the Cirque of the Towers. I was a member of the original Project Hindsight group that translated the ancient texts of Hellenistic astrology. I studied Astrocartography with its inventor. There is "Clock" time and there is astrological or "Fate" time. I can tell you what your Fate Time is. I am in touch with compassionate disembodied spirits, who will speak to you through me. I can channel the inner thoughts of people who concern you. I have seen the beautiful and mysterious in life as well as felt the pains you feel. I can help.
Approach to Topics
The Universe has blessed me with a deep understanding of Astrology as well as skill with Tarot and I-Ching. I can take quick glances at your life with these tools. It takes a little more time to dig deep with Astrology and deep wounds deserve more than a band-aid. Your life and Loves are important to me. Most of all, I will work hard to be a source of remote emotional support for You.
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