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My work has been to give clients peace of mind. Through the years, I have seen clients get engaged, get married, have break ups. I was with them to make predictions and help guide them. Allow me to help you with my gifts.
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English Hindi
It has been 9 years since I became a professional online psychic. Prior to this, I was doing psychic work as a hobby. There were psychic chats, long before, where I would exchange readings with other psychics. It was in my teenage years that I asked a psychic a question whether I was psychic. The psychics said that we are all psychics. I became more interested in giving psychic readings at the age of 14. I gave readings without knowing I was giving readings, when I was younger. I did think everyone was psychic and had spirit guides. As I got older, I realized not everyone knows what a psychic is or how dreams can answer my questions or I can read other people's vibrations and energies. I have seen people make mistakes before they make them. I have seen affairs before the affair took place. Who wants to be saying, "I told you so." You are connected to your children or soulmates. You can read them. I believe in my spirit guides, gut feeling and visions. I have a 3rd eye that I open. See, I was born in India where as a kid, age 7, I knew about ouiji board and calling spirits. I knew about the 3rd eye when I was not even 10 years old. My grandparents taught me to meditate at an early age. I grew up in stressful conditions and had to follow my spirit guides and trust that I am not alone. It helps to be an introvert to know connections with others. I feel more and see more clearly when I am on my own. I do not doubt myself and still give benefit of doubt to others. I let others make their own mistake since I cannot control others. I am here to warn and to keep you safe, if possible. With the help of my guides, I have helped other clients and people in my life for years. I used my first tarot deck when I was 19. Tarot is real. I registered to be a phone psychic in 2003 and did not find time to be a professional phone psychic. There were not so many cell phones, then. Since 2012, I have been an online psychic. I would love to tell you more about my psychic background. NO TOOLS NEEDED
Approach to Topics
I am direct in readings. I will ask you to give me your name and question or concern. You can give background information if you like. I do not prefer to give cold readings. It is nice to hear clients over the phone and it is equally nice to chat. The answers do not change if you change usernames or if you use phone or chat. I follow my guides to give answers. My intuition is working as you are speaking or typing. I can feel your situation and gather where things are in present. Based on my higher self, I answer you. Please give me a chance to read you. You will be happy you did.
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