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Looking for a change, wanting a change, needing a change. I can help u with all of those requests. We also can clear your blocks that keep you from what you really want to create in your life. Time to live from your heart.
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If you are looking for a change in your self or in your life, I can help you. I am the Healer, clairvoyant, clairaudient, and clairsentient psychic, as well as a fully-conscious medium. I am a truthseeker, if you dont want to hear the truth dont hire me! I dont tell you what you may want to hear. Receive a reading and a clearing at the same time. I am able to connect with passed over loved ones if the time is right for this connection. Sometimes they look forward to communication, sometimes they are busy and some could care less. How I work allows more light and love in your life, body, aura and soul. So if you are looking for more lightness in your life give this a try.

I have done work on many that say I have changed their lives. I am a clairvoyant gifted energy/healer psychic adviser. I have consulted many through heartache, sadness, divorce, mental & physical abuse, marital problems and confusion. Expand possibilities, open new doors of perception/energy. Many people have experienced trauma or shock in their lives and instead of healing they create their whole life around that experience. Let's get your freedom back. Lets get light back into your life.
My intuition and angels will help guide you in the right direction, This gift is humbling and amazes me, the out comes. Many times in my life I have been told by many that I would make a great reader. I have always tend to the healing energy aspect. I dont do spells but I do do energy work. So if you dont know the difference then maybe you shouldnt hire me.

I have the ability to see past lives, which I am amazed how many people are living this life from their past lives. I have the ability to help clear those past lives so you can experience freedom and start living this life. This part is very important work. It will ripple thru out your life in the months ahead.

I have my opinion and experience on Twin Flame relationships and there are many Soul Mates. It is very hard to live life with your soul mate. If you do a reading with me I will help you discover which relationship you are experiencing now. I feel the best plan would be to ask for the right person right now that would love to have fun and be in a healthy relationship. Forget all those other words. Their are many soulmates to choose from.

I can also help you with your pets. I can tell you what they are thinking and do healing work if necessary.

We all have gifts, some use them, some have been taught to hide them because of their parents and friends.
I am honored to be here and be part of your clearings, healings and readings.

Alot of the time we run out of time and I dont get a chance to tell everyone. Its important to drink your water for the next 3 days. To flush out what we have cleared and release it from your body. So try to drink double what you normally would drink for the next 3 days unless you drink alot already. Many blessings sent to you,,,,,
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