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Hello, My name is Kelly.
I am a Non Judgemental, Passionate and Compassionate. No such thing as a "Stupid" question. Nothing to be embarrassed about or ashamed of.

I am here to bring peace, comfort and understanding to all your situations. I am looking forward to supporting you and your life's journey. The good, the bad and the ugly.

If you are experiencing an unpleasant challenge, let me help you understand the influences around you.

Relationships: People often times confuse loving someone and being in love. How does the person you are interested in really feel about you. Will it last, are there any obstacles? Can you overcome the diversity? Why hasn't true love come your way and what do you need to do to attract it? Do you love yourself the way you want to be loved?

Career and Finance's. New Jobs, Improved Employment Opportunities, Even More Money! My job as an Advisor is to tell you the truth so you can move up, move on or settle in. The best is yet to come and I am here to help you manifest it......

~~Testimonials From A Couple of my other Categories~~

Psychic Medium:


She is absolutely wonderful. She doesn't use tools and was able to pick up my situation. She was spot on. Thank you so much. i feel so much better after talking to you.

*****Member 316489945
Absolutely wonderful! She was accurate about the personalities I asked about and gave me concrete suggestions on being proactive.

*****huniluv2 phone
Awesome! Great details, very accurate and easy to speak with. Such a caring, nonjudgmental and compassionate advisor. I truly appreciate you, thanks!

Love and Relationships:

***** User697474 phone
Very accurate, she was very in depth which I truly appreciated

***** User426281 chat
loved her honesty. Somethings yoy dont want to her but they are the things you need to hear regardless of how it makes you feel. The truth reallt opens your eyes and having you really thinking.. Thanks so much. i recommend her


Did you know, part of your success requires you to have faith? To avoid delays, missed opportunities and setbacks. Listen to the inspirations and guidance of your Angels, follow thru immediately or at the least ASAP.

Did you know that FEAR is a negative energy and could create a negative outcome in all situations.

......I highly recommend that people become familiar with the law of attraction. It can help you understand some of the challenges, delays and setbacks.

All though I would like to, I DO NOT GUARANTEE TIMING. Honestly, No one can. Why, because each of us has Choice of Free Will. However, I WILL provide you with the timeline as it is given to me at the time of our call.

Note: Before you call an Advisor, please understand there are certain rules regarding what we can and cannot offer advice on. Questions about Legal, Medical, Pregnancy, Lottery, Gambling, Financial Investments and Real-Estate are to be avoided as they are not allowed by Keen.

Thank you for taking the time to rate your call and leaving a few kind words. To help reduce expenses and keep my rates low, please add me to your favorites for the future. Free minutes are available to show my appreciation and for those who are working through a life challenge.

Please note: I do not offer general readings, please have your questions ready, I want to help save you time and money.

If I do not tell the truth, good ...bad...or indifferent......I risk losing my gifts. If you are not ready for or unable to digest the truth, please disconnect the call. Please do not get upset over the truth, then rate your call because the truth is not what you wanted to hear or able to accept.

Much Love and Many Blessings ...

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