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NOTICE FOR THOSE NEW TO KEEN: I am a LEGITIMATE TAROT READER. I am not omniscient. Please do not call expecting me to give you every tiny detail about your situation. If I were capable of doing that, I wouldn't be reading on Keen...I'd be a millionaire. I know that other readers may give you a false sense of what is/isn't possible with readings and I understand that. But I will not pretend to be something I'm not just because others are.

I started doing tarot for fun for friends and family about 20 years ago now. After awhile, I realized that I was getting information and making predictions that were not only accurate, but surprisingly so. The cards would give me an answer opposite of what I was expecting....and they were right! Not only that, but random information would come to me during readings, details that I didn't really directly interpret from the cards, but that I knew nonetheless. It doesn't happen in EVERY reading, but in enough that I noticed it.

That was the beginning of my career....tarot is both a skill and an art. I believe my skill is difficult to surpass and the art of it challenges and delights me every day.
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My integrity is not for sale. After many years on Keen, I KNOW that there's an expectation that you'll be told what you want to hear. Over time, many readers have bowed to the pressure of clients who have the power to affect our incomes by leaving negative feedback and they've become powerless....to tell the truth, to really help. I refuse. I know that bad feedback from a 2 minute session where I tell someone that their cheating boyfriend isn't coming back will eventually stop affecting me...but selling out never will. So please, do us both a favor and if you only want a fantasy answer, contact someone else. My bad feedback almost never comes from being wrong...only from not being able to tell who can handle the truth.

With only the tarot, I can see so much about what's happening around you, what will happen, how people feel, what they intend to do. Relationships are very difficult and sometimes you need someone who's impartial to help you figure out what's really going on. I'm a traditional tarot reader, which means that I pull cards for every question and I am somewhat limited on the type of information I can access. I can tell you how someone feels, but not where they are. I can tell you what's likely to happen, what someone is going to do and what their perception of a situation is....but giving motivations behind their actions is harder. I read cards, not minds :-)

Please, no open ended timing, legal or health questions. Also, PLEASE no calls under 5 minutes. If my day is interrupted every 5 seconds for a 3 minute call, I feel very disconnected and chaotic. Callers who are rude or who spend fewer than 5 minutes on a call will be blocked. Thank you! I appreciate your understanding, sometimes my career can be very demanding and difficult...these small concessions make a huge difference to me.
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