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Clair Harmony
Psychic Empath / Clairvoyant / Healer
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Spirit Guides, Energy, Devine Guidance. Call now for the answers you seek and put your mind and heart at ease by hearing the truth. OVER 10 YEARS EXPERIENCE
I started noticing my gifts at a young age and have been developing them over the years, theres always room for more knowledge and understanding. I've never had a mentor or teacher and development came natural to me : HEALER, EMPATH, CLAIRVOYANT, LUCID DREAMER were my earliest abilities. I am a old soul and have a great connection with my spirit guides and spirit which enhances my abilities in spirit communication, clairvoyance, clairsentience, and claircogizance during a reading . Im here to share my gifts with others and bring peace and clarity to your concerns and worries. My readings come from a place of love .Using my special psychic gifts.I work directly with your spirit guides and higher self to help guide you on a path of joy, healing,and love. If any additional clarification is needed I can use a set of my Tarot or Oracle cards and do a quick reading. I'm also Certified in Reiki ,Crystal Reiki, Animal Reiki, and Angelic Mediumship. Im always expanding my knowledge and gifts to share with anyone who has a calling for guidance and truth.

Love/Relationships Commitment-phobia Destiny/Life Path Past Lives Spirit Guides
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Empath Clairvoyant Clairsentient Medium Tarot
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Having 10 years experience and being a empath ,I connect to your energy and the energy around you , Im able to sense any commitment issues and if there is a love connection or not, I can also predict possible love interests coming into your life in the future.My abilities allow me to see and feel any budding romances including pro's and con's to any relationship. If they're right for you I will know right away. I also specialize in Destiny/ Life Path, Career, Past life, and Tarot. To help tap into energy faster and get the most out of the reading, I may ask for names to create a direct energetic link and direct communication to spirit guides. If you've never had a Tarot or Oracle reading give me a call ,let's do a reading with one of the oldest divination tools to date . Card readings give excellent guidance and predictions. I'm here to share my gifts and guidance for the highest good.

My Approach to a wide range of topics is limitless, I can help you gain understanding and ease your worry. I also work with people who need to gain their power back from a negative relationship . I also have the ability to help others understand there own abilities and how to harness their gifts with ease.
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