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I am a certified life coach & intuitive consultant with a background in science, education and business. I strive to inspire others to live in purpose.
I am a nature-inspired life enthusiast. Helping others fall in love with life, and learn to embrace and integrate all that it brings about, is what I am most passionate about. I find that my incredible intuition, curious mind, people orientation, and ability to see through any life challenge provide a perfect combination of tools to help you find your way to float into your bliss. I am confident that I can apply my intuitive skills to help you reclaim the extraordinary life experience that you truly deserve.
Approach to Topics
If you are looking to gain deeper insight into your PRESENT situation that presents a challenge or a roadblock, I can offer clarity to help you move past it and get your magnificent show back on the road and realize the best possible future. If you are solely looking for FUTURE predictions, I am not the right advisor for you as I will not reclaim your own intuitive power and knowing that you are the power of your own authority. Using my unique intuitive abilities, I am able to recognize sources of resistance within you and give you tools to help lead you down the path of your highest good. My guidance is honest and truthful and focused on bringing out the shining light that is already within you. I help you explore reasons for why you’re doing what you’re doing and so you choose your reasons that are in alignment with your highest values. My goal is to allow every interaction be the trigger for raising your awareness of the magical universe within you so you can fully step into and reclaim the power-filled life that is uniquely yours.
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