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Are you confused about your Career-Family or Life in General? Click NOW to speak with a Genuine Angel Intuitive Healer that wants to help you Move Forward! Receive Accurate Non-Judgmental Energy Guidance with your Angels Now!
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Marc Intuitive Soul Healer is a 3rd Generation Psychic, Reiki Practitioner born with natural intuitive & clairvoyant abilities. I will connect with your Spirit team of Angels & Spirit Guides by meditating and blending my energy with theirs. Each session I will implement my abilities as an intuitive empath to pick-up on your emotions and feel them as if they were my own. I have extreme sensitivities to energies and auras which allows me to fully align with every clients energy field and send healing energy
or address bothersome situations with clarity! You will be amazed with my gift of clairvoyance, which allows me to review images and symbols of events in client’s lives to get the best and most accurate resolution.

I specialize in Relationship Love readings and matters of the Heart! Hearing, Feeling and Seeing your guidance through oracle divination tools, each guidance session will provide accurate, direct answers to your questions surrounding the situation from the energy available. I have used my psychic capabilities to provide countless clients around the globe with trusted & supportive guidance. I incorporate my metaphysical gifts & my spiritual coach training to provide comforting, yet firm guidance. Allowing to help you fully move forward and start living in the present moment, and not be consumed by the past.

My guidance is not set in stone and the timeline can change due to free will. Daily decisions can change the outcome of when it will happen. I will provide enough information to get a rough idea of a timeline and give you the tools necessary to make an informed decision.
Approach to Topics
There is "NO JUDGEMENT" in any session! All Guidance will be delivered in the MOST loving and direct manner possible. My Intuitive Healing Spirit sessions will provide clear guidance from your Spirit Team & Angels on how to proceed . I will deliver accurate and dependable guidance along with Chakra energy info, to help you reflect the meanings of this guidance with you, helping understand the guidance being sent and how to apply it. Using my abilities as an Empath, I am able to pick up on what is bothering you & relay high energy healing to transmute stagnant, negative energy that is trapped.

Don't be afraid or worried to ask your MOST Burning questions about Life you have, that you need answered! Using my intuitive abilities, I will decode and clearly transmit any messages or symbols your Spirit Team provide to you through oracle divination tools.
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