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Mayan Astrology

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Mayan Astrology Readings
Mayan astrology readings are based on the Mayan calendar, which is also known as the Tzolkin calendar. This astrology system from ancient Maya has survived thousands of years and continues to give revelations to this day. Through a Mayan astrologer, you get one of the oldest, most proven forms of astrological readings. You can learn about your personality, career, love life, money, health, and future. A Mayan calendar reading is unique to you as it is based on your birth chart. To find out more about the practice, get a Mayan astrology reading on Keen today!
Mayan Day Signs and Galactic Tones The Tzolkin contains 20 signs and 13 galactic tones that change daily. In all, there are 260 combinations which equate to Mayan calendar days. According to Mayan astrology, your signs are based on your birth date and time. Your day sign is indicative of your personality and also serves as your spiritual guide on your life path. Your tone (also referred to as your galactic number) defines your cosmic identity. A Keen Mayan calendar reader can tell you more about the practice of Mayan astrology and how your day sign and galactic tone are calculated. Once a Keen advisor helps you understand the variables of the Mayan calendar system, you will be closer to understanding the most important answers.
Get a Mayan Reading on Keen When you first register on Keen, you get three free minutes which you can use for a Mayan astrology reading. Keen provides you with multiple ways to communicate with your Mayan reader - you can use phone, email, or Keen Chat. After three minutes, you will be asked if you wish to continue your Mayan astrology reading. Keen will never charge you without permission. Keen also safeguards your personal information so there are no privacy concerns. Not even your Mayan astrologer knows who you are! This way, you know you are getting a secure session. To ensure you are pleased with your experience, Keen offers a satisfaction guarantee.
Available Resources on Keen Keen has a content library containing hundreds of astrology articles, so you can learn more about Mayan Astrology and many other topics including advice on love and relationships, spiritual advice, psychic advice, and tarot advice. There's a daily horoscope for every zodiac sign as well. Keen's network includes psychic advisors who specialize in areas besides Mayan astrology. The offerings on Keen include: Spanish psychic readings, numerology readings, pet psychic readings, angel card readings, cartomancy readings, Jyotish readings, Chinese zodiac readings, past life readings, psychic medium readings, life advice, chakra cleansing, aura cleansing, and spiritual readings. If you are interested in learning about any of these subjects, talk to a Keen advisor today!
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