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Medium Jessica
Medium Jessica
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Provide Straightforward and Direct With Quick Guidance, Time-frames, and Abilities To Heal Of Grief. Spirit Guides, Past Life's and Your Life Purpose as Towards Love, Money, and Life In General. Review My Profile!
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🖤 Please do not hide information regarding names, dates, and such with me. I want to be honest. I would respect that you would do the same. For the reading to be accurate, not feel off, you must be directly correct, or it will go entirely off. I am not the type to lie or give out false hope. But if your not honest, so how can I be honest. Incorrect Info will give you off reading entirely. I do have the ability to see through people so if you're being untruthful that will show also in the reading. As to be aware I am Gemini. That being said that I know how to see through another with you even being aware of it. As I can see through others' eyes and hearts.

IIn my services, I have done spiritual situations, psychic development. I have also helped people with balancing out their lives. It can be coaching, spiritual counseling, or even chakra balancing meditations. Sometimes we must take a step back before reality kicks in. I wanted to go over some simple steps on an accurate reading with me. As my mission on KEEN is to be able to help no matter what the situation is. Especially a precise interpretation and with pointers to have thoughts.

🖤 If you're having a bad day, I would suggest that you keep your anger within yourself, not focus on me as I am an energy reader. I can pick up on vibrations and able to pick up messages from above as a medium. I am a medium who picks things like a radio. So I do have a great tune into someone's situation as long as you being completely honest with me. Also, I am very intuitive too!

🖤 Do not judge me by what another had told you. I can not go over review what they had told you. As therefore, I only able to say to you in what I see, hear, and smell from my end. I am a big believer in karma and the law attraction. What you bring in is what you receive.

🖤 Do not come to me with medical issues. Such as pregnancies, diagnose, and so forth. I do not specialize in this, as I am not a doctor. Plus it goes against keens policy.
Approach to Topics
Below are a few reviews on KEEN!

I wanted to say my mission as being on KEEN is to have the ability to help people no matter the situation and lifestyle. Just be completely honest with me about what you want me to look at. I have helped people with maintaining relationships, and life’s troubleshooting consequences. I do have the ability to give time-frames if spirit and intuition shows. I trust my intuition when I do readings as a reader who does not always use tools to gain answers. I do believe in my abilities to help others along the lines of faith. I am trusting of what is received. I am an honest reader with a creative mindset. I do speak my truth. So if you want someone actually to tell you what they see, hear, and smell. I am also a healer. I know how energy works, animal connection, and even angel communication. I do chakra healings through chat if you need this. If I am not online, you can ping me.

Let me know if I am your reader.

Here are a few of my reviews just on KEEN

⭐️1/15/2020 - She did amazing!! She got everything right about my mentality and need for strength in my life with a current relationship. It has definitely added perspective to my life and have me thinking my next moves.

⭐️12/16/2019 - Jessica is very good at what she does, she is clear and concise but her gentle energy comes through in her messages. It is clear that her intention is soley to help those that seek her guidance, and for that I thank her greatly.

⭐️12/8/2019 - She is very fast to respond without hesitation and very accurate !

⭐️11/2/2019 - Jessica is like speaking with a old friend of mine. She is kind and beautiful. I called her because she seems more genuine then many on here. I wanted a honest person to do my reading with no gimmicks involved. I believe her to be accurate to what I know. Thank you Jessica, thinking of Henry makes me cry because I miss him so darn much!

⭐️10/10/2019 - Really honest and doesn't sugar coat anything. But I personally like her style! She's helpful and kind! I've come to her a few times and she doesn't judge. Recommended!

⭐️10/10/2019 - Very quick to respond and very realistically possible answers

⭐️10/8/2019 - She is so helpful and so truthful. She is one of those readers that can tell you things you didn't know and weren't prepared to hear. I think this is why some people say "not connected." But the truth is, she's deeply connected and shares what you need to know to make the best choices, whether you were aware of what she's telling you or not, she's telling you exactly what is happening. One of my favorite on Keen. HIGHLY recco.

⭐️9/22/2019 - Thank you for all the guidance. I will be mindful of my thoughts and what energy I am putting out. I will say my positive affirmations so I bring in what I want. Conversation was really inline to my current situation.

⭐️9/1/2019 - She was very, very, very intuitive! She answered honestly with a caring touch that makes it feel like you are talking to a friend. I was blessed to have gotten a chance to speak with her today! Thank you Medium Jessica! Hugs to you xx

⭐️8/17/2019 - WOW. You have to talk to her. Wow...

⭐️7/30/2019 - That was fun. It’s been a while since I’ve had a real reading, first time this year. And it felt good and right. Have a great day

⭐️6/16/2019 - Not only is Jessica a gifted psychic and empath, she is a giftic medium. She is wise and her messages are clear direct and honest.

⭐️6/5/2019 - I found this reader to be kind, grounded, patient and nonjudgmental. Tapped in right away. Thank you again for the reading and for your time.

⭐️4/24/2019 - She’s gifted, does not waste time, just awesome. I wish I had more funds, but I will look for her again as needed.

⭐️4/28/2019 - Pretty positive conversation, Thank you xx

⭐️3/17/2019 - Gave excellent advice and fast responses. Thank you so much!

⭐️3/17/2019 - great connection! Fast and encouraging! Thank you!
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