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By day I’m a VP in finance working multi-million dollar acquisitions. Outside of the office I am a certified Reiki energy healer, psychic and life coach.

I was once told by a seasoned psychic medium that part of my purpose in life is to be a truth teller. I have been honing my spiritual gifts to shine the light on the truth and I bring my real world experience to teach others how to co-create the life they desire.

People love my personable touch and my wicked sense of humor. My accuracy is validated. Just check out my reviews. I have repeat clients for a reason.
Approach to Topics
I deliver powerful insights in an honest, caring and down-to-earth manner. You'll feel as though you are chatting with an old friend.

I respect your time and money and therefore work quickly. I don’t know a faster typist, but do require more than just a few minutes to help you.

I hold a space of honesty and respect for this work. While I will never deliver any message in a harsh manner, it would be unethical to avoid sharing the truth and tell people only what they want to hear. I stand by my purpose of providing guidance toward a happy and healthy destiny for my clients. If the situation you’re in isn’t “it”, trust that the universe is delivering a better situation! I will help navigate you along that path.

Preparing for your reading:

I don't do general readings as I believe they waste time and money due to the number of follow-up questions necessary to get to the root of what you're looking for. General questions include:

- "What's going on in my love life?"
- "Tell me what you see with Joe.”
- “What’s coming for me this summer?"

The more specific you can be, the faster I can give you the exact answers you're seeking. Please come ready with detailed questions. Some examples of specific questions are:

- How is he / she feeling about me?
- Will this job offer pan out?
- Is my relationship headed toward long-term monogamy?

If you can't think of a specific question to ask, no worries, just tell me a little about your situation and I can recommend what to look into.

Because I also work closely with astrology, please have your astrology sign ready, it helps me ensure I'm picking up on the right energies. If you are asking about a relationship, please have both your astrology signs ready.

My policies are common sense and easy:

- I don't participate in "test the psychic" conversations.
- I do not provide free readings via Ping.
- I do not provide readings for individuals who are mal-intended toward another. (i.e.: wishing another harm)
- If you spend more than 5 minutes with me and rate / review our chat, I will send free minutes for the next time. :)

Keen's policies:

In compliance with keen, I will not conduct readings on the following:

- Questions or inquiries regarding you (or someone else's) pregnancy or when you / they will get pregnant.
- Questions or inquiries regarding Legal advice or council.
- Medical related questions or inquiries for you or someone else.

If questions regarding any of the items aforementioned occur, I will inform you of this disclosure written on my page and politely redirect our conversation.

If this sounds like your cup of tea, then cheers, let’s chat!
Endorsed Strengths
  • Helpful · 91
  • Kind · 82
  • Honest · 81
  • Detailed · 70
  • Accurate · 62
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