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Deceased Loved Ones
Skills & Methods
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I don't sell hope, love, healing, or anything else. I just report what I see.
Right now in this international crisis, if you are feeling cranky without a solid reason, call your doctor.
Born in 1962 Miri is my nickname for Miriam. Pronounced My Ree.
I live in the west coast isolated area of Florida where an empathetic lifestyle is needed for safety. Grew up a city girl so this life transformation is kind of cool.
My mother was legally blind and a member of some really different types of healing religions. So I was mostly raised by my Grandmother.
My medium work has no source I can identify, there are tons of things in my life that could have caused this ability. I have been connecting to these spirits as far back as I could remember. I love channeling. My energy readings have developed over time working with my amazing callers on keen.
My readings may be changing a bit due to a curio on how to acquire the knowledge of the person I connect to as well as the way they died. That seems much more useful to all of us.
This is something I have been working on most of my life. When I was 6 my dad was dying and the church ppl healed him.
My father is 1/2 Irish and 1/2 Choctaw My mother German with a Jewish maternal line.
My maternal great Grandfather was a union soldier under General Order #11
MY roots/foundation are the mountains of Kentucky even though I was raised in Florida and this is my home.
The picture is me in 1963
Approach to Topics
I need to make one thing clear right now, you can NOT buy hope. I do not sell hope.
I have to get a good feel connection to you as if I am a part of you to get a really good spiritual connection. Not all spirits want to talk to strangers.
I can not do fake scripted readings that have instant answers. I can't read over you and your friends having a party in the background.
I pass judgment on no one and we are promised by God no one will pass judgment on us. Till someone does. Then it's between them and God. I just tell you what I see, that's all.
I talk to the dead, however, I do not take advice from the dead, consider them a guide of any kind or give them any control in life at all. I do not bother with rituals of any sort other than healthy meditation before I fall asleep at night. I have no interest in becoming a cog that repeats rituals as if I am part of a turning machine. I love all life of all kinds.
I don't control the spirit world, I only look at it. Some spirits are afraid to talk to mediums because of groups that think it's ok to enslave them into a dark arts cult or torture them into the light.
First I connect to you then look around you just to see who is there, then look at other places for spirits to find the one you may want to speak with. I always do the best I can and strive to tell you the truth.
REMEMBER I USE TRANCE, I AM NOT PREOCCUPIED WITH ANYTHING IN YOUR CALL BUT MY TRANCE STATE. I DO NOT OFFER INSTANT CLARITY, I ONLY TELL YOU WHAT I SEE IN THE ENERGY I AM READING IN THE TRANCE STATE. I PROMISE HONEST DETAILED READINGS. I never make anything up. If you require me to speak loud enough for you to hear when I am searching for the spirits, tell me at the beginning of the call rather then break my trance to tell me you need to hear what I am saying. The voice tone used for the energy world is very different than the tone used for the physical world.
Sometimes I see weird stuff only you can understand and if you don't you will as the meaning of the image comes back to you. Like trying to remember the name of the movie that had that guy in it. During trance, you can also guide me to the answers you want. Not the answers you want to hear but the answers you need.
If I channel a person, I will likely feel what they felt when they died. Every time I do that I maintain some damage from it and need to heal. Not a lot, like if it was lungs for a few hours I will feel like I have allergies. Kidney and for about a day I will not urinate normally. I use to think it was cool being able to die a different death every day, but I'm old now and I just think it's cool my ability helps people.
Being a skeptic is awesome, I love it. Being a debunker looking for old or vulnerable people to victimize is evil.
If you turn out to be unhappy with my readings so that you don't mistakenly call me again I will block, not because I am upset but for your protection. Not every reader can read every person perfectly. As I said I am old now, all the negative energy is killing me. I am not entitled to standard medical care, I have to heal myself and still pay my bills. I try to take 1 me day a week to bring the white light to heal my own health so I can better serve you.
This picture is me visiting my neighbors. Omg, that area of the neighborhood is beyond paranormal.
Some of my feedback will support the statement that I tell what I see and not what people want to hear. But to translate, if I don't see contact with someone, doesn't mean it's not there, it means I don't see it. But if I do see it, that means its there.
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