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Find out about what is going on in your love life and your relationships ???? Get the help you need in your conflicted relationships.
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I have always wanted to guide others and give advice in numerous topics but I love helping people with love and giving them hope and guiding them in their love life. Not only do I use my gifts, I also give detailed, logical advice on your situations.
Approach to Topics
I use my intuitive gifts and empathic nature to help me along the way in guiding you! I also use God to guide me through my readings as well as to assist me and help me give you the answers that you need to have for your life!

I am very detailed when it comes to my readings so you will also get a reading with not only guidance, but truth and understanding! It is very important to me to give out answers to you that is truly guided by spirit, through my God-given gifts. 🌌🌑

When you come in for a reading, I don't need birth dates or zodiac signs, but I would like your name and if you have POI, their names also. I always ask for specific questions for what you specifically want to know , so that I am able to give you a better and more detailed specific answer.

When you ask your question, Give me time to respond as I do give details and most of the time, in paragraphs. So its not that I'm slow in responding, I am simply typing out a detailed answer for you. As I have said before, it is very important for me to give you a detailed, accurate reading, so that's what I aim to deliver.

As far as ⏳Timing and timeframes ⏳.... I do NOT do specific timeframes as timing and time is always ongoing and changing. When I read for you and you have a question regarding your future, I read to show and tell you what's going on and what your POTENTIAL future 🔮is. So that means that yes, I can read your future, but then you take this reading and you do your part to get that potential future that I see is coming for you. I am here to bring you guidance about your life and to show you where you're headed, it is to show you what is coming, so that YOU can prepare and make adjustments in your life if need be to get there. If I see something coming for you that is not all that good, this reading is to show you and prepare so that you can change some things in your life to protect yourself!

I don't do health, legal/court readings, pregnancy readings, so please don't ask anything pertaining to these that I just mentioned.

I ask that you at least pay for 2 minutes, because I will not be able to give you enough information if you only pay for 1 minute. I will not be able to answer how I want to in 1 minute, so please be mindful and understanding about that.

I ask to not be rushed during the reading, so I ask for patience and understanding with the knowledge that I take my work seriously and so I want to give you the best quality of reading.

It is okay if you're skeptical at first, but please do NOT try to test me or my gifts. If you're coming for a reading, come for the reading and let me do my work like I know how to.

Please be polite, positive, and open when you come to get a reading with, because if you're closed off or anything of that sort, I will not be able to give you the best quality of reading that you deserve, so I just ask that you come in with a open heart ❤and open mind🌠.

Endorsed Strengths
  • Honest · 99+
  • Helpful · 99+
  • Kind · 99+
  • Detailed · 99+
  • Accurate · 99+
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