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Natalie Michnya
Natalie Michnya
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I’m The Best Gift Of All Is The Power Of Free Will To Change Our Situation For The Better...
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Women’s Issues
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I was born psychic so I am sure you could imagine the trouble I got into for knowing things with out asking. I have always had a strong connection with my guides sometimes my family and friends wondered why I was talking to myself but in reality I was just talking to my guides and I still do this to today. So if you have a reading with me you could very easily think I am talking to myself. Don’t worry I’m am reading for you with love. I’m talking As a child I would watch TV and when the news would come on especially of a missing person or child I would tel my mother who did the crime and where the body or person was located. My mother never said to much other than ok, only until later did I discover I was a bit different then the other kids. As I got older, I was always knowing more than I should. I think I might hold the record of being let go from my jobs for knowing things I should not know. I actually had a man from from the pentagon while I was working HR at a nuclear plant doing background checks, hiring as wel as other top secret things. I had a great idea with obtaining DD214 papers for people with a military background. So I got a gentlemans names wrote to him but using my bosses name, back in the 80's a 22 year old woman did not hold much power. Well a few weeks later the gentleman from the pentagon called my boss, loved my idea and wanted to know how I got his name and address. my boss told he gave up trying to figure out how I got my information but it was never done illegally. He then asked my boss if he could have me when they were done with me, apparently no one outside of the pentagon knew him and what he did.

I do not know all the proper words for what I do, sometimes I feel like a mutt since I am not the psychic that only does one or two areas. As I tell my clients ADD is a lovely thing.
Approach to Topics
I will never tell you want you want to hear, I only tell you the truth of what I see. I understand we all want to hear what we are wishing for to happen but by telling you the truth of what I see is much kinder then you hanging on to something or someone because it prevents us from moving forward in a positive manner. I have learned many things with my gift and I love growing and learning new spiritual work with my gift. I am extremely empathic, I do use cards to begin my readings I do not know how to do tarot my guides show me stories of what a person is asking me. Then my guides begin talking to me and showing me information of the client. I can hear and see my guides, also a natural healer with a level one reiki. I did not have to pursue the other levels because I can send energy to my clients for healing & clearing. I can tell people what thier natural abilities they have, so if the are not sure what to do with their lives, if they blocking themselves, and tell them how to go about making their lives dreams come true. I also can see what is wrong with a person medically whether it is physical, or mentally. I also work with law enforcement & other agencies to help solve crimes. I am a animal cumicator so I do read clients pets and help find them if lost. I can talk to people who have died, I do not have control of this, for me if they are there I will tell the person they are here and what they want the client to know. I do not have control of this so if they pop in on reading that is great and sometimes I will get no one. I am learning how to see & hear them on a regular basis. I love to learn and grow as my gift evolves I find I can do so much more.
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