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TESTED: 14+ Yrs. with Keen - sharing whatever she sees or hears from the guides: Good or not so. Have your Questions ready when you call/chat as she does not offer General Sessions as your life's journey is about much MORE!
Before I was born I was given these sacred gifts, but at the age of 12, I began helping classmates, family members and neighbors who would seek me out with issues that needed to be resolved. As a young child, I did this for no fee at all and amazed those I had helped. I am a professional advisor with over 40 years of experience and in 2005 I began offering my gifts to the public working exclusively through Keen. I do not use Tarot Cards, Candles, Incense or any other tools or props. I do NOT offer spells of any kind.
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After reading a chat message, viewing a photograph or hearing your voice the Holy Angelic spirit guides will almost immediately reveal to me something about you and your concerns. No Tools or Props are needed as my gifts are genuine and naturally given. I am an experienced clairvoyant/empath. For many years, I have cultivated my gifts as well as those coming from generations of past family who were all spiritually strong individuals. I am different from others you may have contacted as I do not need to gather energy to connect to you or your situation. I can sense the energies of those in & around your life. I will share your Life Path Destinies as they are given. I will help you find the right solutions to your life challenges, concerns, and most wondering events. I DO NOT USE ANY FORM OF DIVINATION. Remember, the guidance is honest and thoughtfully specific to you and your life's situation. The call sessions or chats are designed by you and as such, the outcome is whatever is needed to lead you towards the most positive, joyful and fulfilling life while giving you a greater sense of inner peace. I am available for call/chat when you are ready to hear what is given to you! If you PING me I will respond but PING is not for readings. Some clients after our session have received a sense of closure especially if you have connected to someone who has crossed over. Chat or call - either method will work however for deeper issues calling works best for me as I am able to get more information from your voice vibration. My mother would often say: Worry and negativity are a WASTE of your Imagination! Stay positive in all you do!! Knowledge is Power - Information is Liberating!
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