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POWERFUL Love/Life Oracle~Romance Healing. REAL Psychic~Deep Readings~No Quickies. Sicilian/Hungarian/Celtic/Greek/Persian Ancestral Clairvoyant. ALL Concerns~International/Private Clientele. I've Reunited Countless Lovers!
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Re a very recent "negative" feedback, it was clear that the client's phone was at fault: hardly fair to blame me! This is simply to reassure you that no one else has had trouble hearing me! I speak gently, but ALL others, (including personal calls) have heard me perfectly. (See my 99.9% Rave review Feedback!) Also, with all pity towards this unhappy soul, why choose to read for close to 30 minutes if she "hated every minute"? This sounds very...challenged, to me. This was someone who needed someone to vent their frustrations on, at~and chose me. And I must kindly share with all my NORMAL prospective clients, that almost the entire time, the client was hostile and aggressive.

Obviously, I should have hung up; but my default setting, is that everyone means well, and one treats all with kindness and courtesy. But I learned: the next time I hear that lack of common decency and humanity, and abusive tone, I will hang up. I am gentle, and kind, accurate and loving; I shall save that for those who deserve it~please, see the vast majority of my feedback, judge me by that, not by this aberration~and know: my cherished regulars love me, as I'm kind, a real Psychic, and have helped them; and I love doing that!

I Read In-Depth, the True Ancient Way~thus, I don't do 1 question, 1 name, or quickie Readings; nor can my Insights be rushed. Your Love Life and your Concerns, are worth more than 3 minutes! I tune in to feelings, deep into the Heart and Love Realms; It's worth being aware that I'm not a machine, nor Google; but a Gifted, Extremely Experienced Clairvoyant and Medium.

My Ancient Gifts and Psychic Arts, need a bit of time, and Manifest best, if I'm not rushed. My Readings are calm, serene, and connective: to allow the Blessed Energies to flow. Thank you for understanding this~you'll be SO glad you did! The Serene Way, is the way to Truth.

Spring Special Rate Ends Very Soon! Whenever you call, you'll get a great Reading from a deeply Experienced, Caring Psychic.

"....When the Rose and the Fire are One."
~T.S. Eliot, poet.......

ROSES~Ancient, Classic Symbol of Love~Unconditional Perfect Love. FIRE....Passionate Physical Expression of Soulmate Love: Intertwined, they are True Love.

I can tell you if your Beloved is True to you,
if the Love between you is Real; directly channel what your Love is feeling
right now, and how your Love will Manifest in the future.

"Your lips that burn like Roses...."
~from an Ancient Greek Poem...the Lover's lips inspire Passion...yet in True Love are also Pure and Sweet and Uplifting as Roses are. From my Greek Ancestry, Culture, Wisdom, and Mysticism, the Insight of the Oracle.

I'm straightforward, warm, and down-to-earth; and though my Gifts are Spiritual, and deeply Clairvoyant, I won't waste your time~your questions will be answered clearly, directly, with detail.

Accurate future predictions! Mind and Heart Reading, and DIRECT Channeling of his/her Thoughts, Feelings for you, and Intentions towards You. You'll be amazed! I enable you to attain your Heart's Desire.

I am REAL~don't pass me by. My 99.9% Positive Feedback going back 19 years verifies my Gifts and the Substantive help I offer you.

My Many Cherished Clients say: "Simply the Best."

I also read on ALL and Any Life Concerns that you may have.
I am a Gifted Medium as well as being an Accomplished Love Psychic.

I have 35+ years of experience doing In-Depth Readings; 19 years on Keen. I also have long experience of Reading Privately and via many other Venues.

I have Reunited Countless Twin Flames For Life~most resulting in Happy Marriages.
I've been invited to many Soulmate Weddings that resulted directly from my Guidance and Gifts.

See my Specialties above and know; there are MANY more. Love, Light, Passion, and Peace to you.....
Lady Moonlight Rose, an Angelic Psychic who truly cares..and Knows.

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