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Tarot Cards Read Cheaper here than at the other site I have been working on for years. Honest, Accurate, Loving, Caring, and Very Gifted.
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Deceased Loved Ones
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Past Lives
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Spirit Guides
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Angel Readings
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Its possible for me to share information from Spirit
in Church when i was 4 years old i spoke with spirit, it was there when i found that the Statues would speak with me. i would give messages to the living from those who had crossed.. My grandmother brought me to Visit Padre Pio. He taught me to share my abilities .. he told me not to ignore the Angels when they spoke with me. to share what was said. if there was a message to give it. not to be afraid of what others would think
I have been doing readings most of my life

truly do believe you get what you Pray for. Just ask your Angels
in Hollywood i would read cards for my friends, having been gifted by Padre Pio i was not to be left alone, i was sent to CBS to be watched over by relatives and friends who worked there.. it got around that i was a very good psychic and card reader.
fans would bother people that came to my home to get a reading. My grandmother would watch over me.. I had a list of clients.. was very well known.. would take my cards to people's homes with my Grandmother. I can not tell you who all i read for.. however Laugh In was one of the sets i was on. as well as Desi Lu which was right down the street from my Jr Hi School.
Approach to Topics
there are Angels with us.
those who have crossed stay near their loved ones.. it takes a month for someone to adjust to their passing. after that it is easy to communicate
often times people find their loved ones in their dreams or feel their presence
I will do all i can to bring you peace and to calm your soul..
also to help those who have crossed find peace as well

If you contact me I will help you find Peace and Calm your Soul, as well as those who have crossed that are around you
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