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Sol Siren
Sol Siren
Spiritual Love & Healing ~ A Kiss To Your Soul!
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A Friend, Divine Messenger, An Open Ear...Let's Discover Your Soul's Song! Spiritual Advice & Guidance via Talk Therapy, Comprehensive Root Healing, Empowerment and Prayer Partnership LOVE and Be LOVED BLESS and Be BLESSED
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Destiny/Life Path
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Aura Cleansing
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Prayer Partner

Natural & Certified Intuitive /Soul Contract Practitioner

Student of
Metaphysical Science & Counseling

Healing, Empowerment & Breakthrough from heartbreak, soul shock, unprecedented life changes and spiritual transformations.

Twin Soul/Divine Partnership Guidance, Journeying and Evolution.

Karmic Relationship Awareness, Lessons, Forgiveness, Clearing/Closing and Moving Forward Anew.

Not here to interrupt your journey...but to help broaden your perspectives. Spiritual Clarity helps bring forth wisdom, faith and strength!

God is my number One Advisor! I serve Him first and foremost as an open vessel to Love others. Especially YOU! :)

Additionally, I've studied and gained intuitive certifications under 2 great master teachers/shamans who have helped me to recognize, train and strengthen my natural spiritual abilities.

I am ready to serve those who are ready to receive. Honored to learn from YOU as well!
God's Will Be Done~
Approach to Topics

"Sol Siren picked up instantly and accurately and is a kind and compassionate reader...she also kindly voluntarily sent me a summary of my reading call via email so that I now have a full record of it...I definitely recommend calling her!" - Keen Member 665564

Welcome Soul Family,

I offer a spiritual healing approach and energy readings via cartomancy, tarot and spiritual channeling. I am also here to listen should you just need an open ear. I wish to empower you with God's Love.

I am a vessel for God's Love! Here to share it with you!
Most importantly, just consider me an authentic friend.

I also offer soul contract readings so that you may more clearly understand the special bond between you and significant others in your life, whether it be a life partner, soulmate, ex, family member, co-worker, etc. These readings are meant to give a higher perspective of self / others and help reveal why things may be happening in your life/relationship(s) on a deeper level.

Just a friendly post note:

My services are not designed to purposely resonate with everyone ...but WILL resonate with everyone the Universe intends for it to :)

Please know that I am not a fortune teller in control of your future, (sorry folks!) Nor am I a proffessional therapist. Nor a medical doctor.

I am a journey woman. A birthrite and certified intuitive. A humble student and teacher. You are my beautiful Seeker.

I aim to deliver channeled messages by being an energetic vessel for Spirit (and only God's Spirit) to flow through. As we all can, if awakened to the calling. Humility is high. Honored and grateful to cross paths with you... And yes, I make "mistakes", although there is truly no right or wrong. All that is, is what is meant to be or not be. With that said, this website and my services are for "entertainment purposes only" and DO NOT replace proffessional medical, therapeutic, financial, legal nor emotional advice. I operate from the Divine realms.

This a judgement free zone, intended to empower, enlighten and broaden prespectives for the highest good of all concerned. Confidentiality is key. Ego is calmed.

Everyone has a different story and is on a different journey. I respect yours, and I ask that mine please be respected the same. However you co-create your life with Spirit is your choice! Just consider doing it with unconditional Love for Spirit, Self and Others!  I'm here to support you when times get tough. And cheer you on when in your victory :)

Thank you so much for considering my services!

Love and Be Loved...
Bless and Be Blessed...

God Loves You,


I am only offering spiritual advice and guidance at this time, via Talk Therapy, Comprehensive Root Healing & Empowerment and Prayer Partnership during our call.

No tarot readings, predictions, divination tools etc will be used, unless Spirit's guided exception advises me to do so during our call. I shall offer those services again in the near future. Don't worry :)

I will currently however, serve as a Medium, an extension of God's Love. Allowing His Vibe to flow to me and through me...to get to the root of your request ... empower you. .. then kiss, hug, and heal your soul:)

Thank you for respecting, participating and co-creating this wonderful high vibration together. Let's Evolve!******

You are Love and You are Loved,

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